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late night listen: Daughter “Numbers”

20 Nov

Watch the new music video for “Numbers” by Daughter below. Get your tickets now to their show at Union Transfer on March 3rd!


Happy Friday! I’ve spent half the day listening to this gorgeous new song from North London’s Daughter. “Numbers” is the new single from the band’s upcoming album Not To Disappear due out on January 15th via 4AD and Glassnote Records. You can pre-order the album now via CD/LP here and on iTunes here.


Daughter will be touring to support the new record with a release show in Cambridge, UK at the Cambridge Corn Exchange January 15th. The band will be touring the UK and Europe and head to the US in March! Their first stop in the US will be Philly (as it should be). The band will be playing Union Transfer on March 3rd, so make sure you get your tickets now  before they sell out! Tickets are only $18 and you can get them here. Doors are at 7:30PM and the show starts at 8:30PM. To find out when Daughter is playing your city, and for tickets and tour information follow the band on Songkick here.

Watch the gorgeous new music video for “Numbers” below, directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.





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xx Cher

Philly Show NOT to be missed: Hippo Campus at The Barbary in Philly TONIGHT!!!!!

12 Nov
Hippo Campus play a sold-out show at The Barbary tonight!

Hippo Campus play a sold-out show at The Barbary tonight!

Earlier this year, we caught Hippo Campus in Philadelphia on tour with Night Riots and The Mowgli’s at Union Transfer. Since then, the band has had a busy summer playing festivals like Lollapalooza, Summer Set and The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Now, they are headlining a Fall Tour which stops in Philadelphia tonight for a sold-out show at The Barbary. Read our interview below and don’t miss their show tonight!

You all went to Performing Arts High School together. Is that how you met and formed the band?

Zach Sutton (bass): “Yeah, well we all met at a performing arts High School, like you said, in St. Paul. It’s called The St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, David, our designer as well. We all met there. Jake and I were in one band and these guys in another and there was sort of a rivalry between the two. That was going on for two years and then at the end of our high school career we’re like ‘Hey! I like what you’re working with. Let’s team up!’ Put the guns down, so to speak, and work together. Bing Bang boom! Almost two years later, here we are.”

What was it like to start writing together at first? How do you write together now?

Whistler Allen (drums): “I don’t even remember the first time we practiced. I think it took a while for all four of us to end up in the room together. But, Zach, Nathan and Jake all live right next to each other and I kind of live in the outskirts. Actually, they live in the outskirts of the city and I live in the city. But yeah, it took a little while for all four of us to get together, but once we did it was really easy to write stuff. It was not difficult. It just clicked. That’s kind of how it’s been ever since then. We’ve had our struggles in the practice room but usually it ends with something cool coming out.”

Do you guys just jam and see how it goes?

Nathan Stocker (guitar): “Yeah, sometimes it’s a jam. Sometimes one of us will have an idea then bring it to the table and then we all work on it together. It’s very collaborative.”

How did you get discovered/signed?

Jake Luppen (vocals): “We actually got ‘discovered’ if you will at this weird, sort of, I mean it’s a cool venue in Minneapolis. But it was kind of a weird show. I’m pretty sure it was on a Wednesday night or something like that about a year ago?” The boys chime in the date. He continues, “December 14! The lighting guy for Trampled by Turtles, they’re a band from Minnesota who’s done very well. He was there, just happened to be running lights and he saw us and really had faith in what we were doing and really loved what he heard. He kind of passed our name along to our managers now, Jeff and Christian and they heard it and they flew out from New York to talk to us and it was a good relationship. Ever since then it’s been steady up and up. Everything’s been great.”

When you put the album together did you already have songs already written?
Jake Luppen (vocals): “Yeah we probably had, at the point of writing Bashful Creatures, I think we had about 20 songs that we’d written? Probably around 20. ‘Bashful’ was like the newest songs that we had written. We wrote those very shortly before going into the studio, over the course of that summer, then we recorded it in September.”

Zach Sutton (bass): “Little Grace” was the first single off [Bashful Creatures] was the only one that was written about a year before we recorded it. That one just happened to stick with it and fit in.” 3:40

How has tour been so far?

Nathan Stocker (guitar): “Some say it’s been like a rodeo/circus combo. Shark week…sort of vibe. It’s been a blast and a half. Really busy, really fun. Hard to sleep, hard to eat. But you know, we ride the ups and downs as if this were a roller coaster.”

What do you guys do for fun on tour?

It’s unanimous. Jake Luppen (vocals): “Sleep. We sleep.”
Zach Sutton (bass): “Professional sleepers over here.”
Nathan Stocker (guitar): “Oh yeah, actually Jake and I are really good at sleeping. If you want lessons, we do those…$20 a minute.”

Hippo Campus play an early show tonight at The Barbary with Bad Bad Hats. Don’t sleep on this one! Doors are at 6:30PM, this is an early show with two incredible bands playing, don’t be late.

To find tickets and more information about when Hippo Campus is playing a city near you, click here! If you go to a Hippo Campus show, make sure to tag us in your photos and videos [at]mylifeinsound!

Check out Hippo Campus’ new single “South” and photos from their show at Union Transfer below:

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xx Cher

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Morning Jam: Kirin J. Callinan feat. Connan Mockasin “The Teacher”

4 Nov


Well, this song and music video may be one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to start a video music award show and only invite Kirin J. Callinan and Connan Mockasin. “The Teacher” by the friends, tour partners and overall dynamic duo is out now.

Callinan described how he and Mockasin met the music video director Kritofski,

“After one o’ the Tame Impala shows at Hollywood Forever & instantly we got along. After a big night of shadow puppetry we set about making a movie ~ shootin’ the lot in two days straight.Importantly, I wanna acknowledge those behind the scenes who were essential to the making o’ the clip, especially with such limited resources, startin’ with champion whistler Molly Lewis & producer extraordinaire Jason Trucco, whom together & apart found the locations, the talent, the pizza & the patience. Also, I gutta thank Effi Shoua for the space & the time, his kids & his lights, as well as Kii Arens for his camera, Hiromi Oshima for the kiss, Ethan Silverman for the kicks, Marquis & Wolfy for being up for it, The Oaks School Hollywood, Nuspace on Beverly, and the Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores, who leant us his sexy sax.”

This month, Kirin J. Callinan will join the “David Lynch: in Dreams Revisited” tour alongside members of Savages, Bad Seeds, Stealing Sheep and more! Check out dates below:

18 November 2015 : National Concert Hall, Dublin
19 November 2015 : Colston Hall – Bristol

21 & 22 November 2015 : Philharmonie, Paris

23 November 2015 : Cité des Congrès – Nantes

Until then, enjoy the epic music video, super hot bass line, and the sweet sax solo in Kirin J. Callinan feat. Connan Mockasin’s “The Teacher”:

xx Cher

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late night listen: PAULi “i DON’T CARE”

21 Sep
Listen to the new track from PAULi "i DON'T CARE" now!

Listen to the new track from PAULi “i DON’T CARE” now!

I am so stoked to hear new music from one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever met, PAULi. The London-born NYC-based artist just released his new track “i DON’T CARE” and to say it lightly, I’m obsessed. I may or may not be responsible for 2,000 out of 2,631 of the new music video’s views. The epic new video was directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat and you can try to catch up with me by watching it below now!

To keep up with new music from PAULi follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud!

xx Cher

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Philly show NOT to be missed: Tei Shi at MilkBoy April 30th!!!!!

18 Apr


Absolute queen of your dreams Tei Shi is coming to Philadelphia to play Milkboy April 30th!

Tei Shi first pierced her way into our hearts with her wicked, sultry dance jam “Bassically” from her Verde EP released this week on Mom+Pop records. She recently released an epic slow jam “Go Slow” from the same EP. The Verde EP is a brilliant follow up to her much acclaimed debut EP Saudade Don’t miss her performing songs from both EPs for a night of epic dancing at Milkboy on April 30th! Tickets are $12 and you can purchase yours now here.

Not in Philly? Follow Tei Shi on Songkick for tickets and tour information here!

xx Cher

Philly show NOT to be missed: JMSN at Johnny Brenda’s tonight!!!

12 Feb


Beautiful beardface and R&B crooner JMSN is in town tonight to set the mood for Valentine’s weekend with Rochelle Jordan as support. The show is only $14 and you can your tickets here or at the door tonight! Doors are at 8PM and the show starts at 9PM.

JMSN recently released a new video for the new single “Score” off his stunning self-titled new album. Get your copy of the album now on CD, Vinyl and Digital here!

Listen to some of my favorite tracks below and don’t miss the show tonight at Johnny Brenda’s at 9PM!!

xx Cher

Throwback Thursday: Rilo Kiley!!!

22 Jan

Style: "couv"

As soon as Cher asked me to guest write a post for Throwback Thursday I started to hum “The Frug.” For me, and many others, Rilo Kiley is the band you can play on repeat and never get tired of. In fact, as I wrote this post at work (I’m a bored receptionist, embrace it!) I listened to nothing but Rilo Kiley.

The band formed in 1998 in Los Angeles. Members Blake Sennett and Jenny Lewis both started out as child actors. Jenny’s most famous role was probably as Hannah Nefler in Troop Beverly Hills, a movie I know Cher loves like no other. Now, for my favorite nugget of pop culture trivia, Blake was Pinsky on Salute Your Shorts and Joey the Rat on Boy Meets World. Go on, let that marinate.

Three years after Rilo Kiley came together they released Take Offs and Landings which showcases Blake’s vocals more than any other album the band put out.

Tracks like Science vs. Romance and August are so beautifully constructed instrumentally and lyrically. Sennett and Lewis’ voices really complement each other on both songs.

Their second full length was The Execution of All Things in 2002. Just thinking about what this album did for me, especially “A Better Son/Daughter”, gets me all flustered. Yes, I do realize that I sound like a pathetic fan girl, and no I do not care. In the beginning of the song, Lewis comes off as meek. As the song rolls on she belts out lyrics like “And sometimes when you’re on you’re really fucking on and your friends they sing along and they love you. But the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap and it teases you for weeks in its absence.” Those lyrics have always resonated with me.

In 2004, we saw the release of More Adventurous. This was actually the first Rilo Kiley album that I was introduced to back in college. I could gush/drool over every song, but I’ll spare you. Instead, just watch the video below!

Under The Blacklight came out in 2007. It is the last studio album of new music that Rilo Kiley put out. The band took a hiatus/broke up/confused all of us/broke my heart three years later. Rkives came out in 2013 which gave us a compilation of unreleased work from the band.

Though it breaks my little heart that we won’t be expecting any new music from Rilo Kiley, I can take solace in the fact that they’re still putting music out through other outlets. Jenny Lewis has had an amazing solo career. She put out Voyager last year and embarked on a tour. However, before you pick up Voyager, do yourselves a favor and listen to Rabbit Fur Coat which Jenny recorded with Watson Twins in 2006. Then call me when your brain has stopped melting. Blake and drummer Jason Boesel formed The Elected in 2004 and have put out a few albums. If you’re feeling festive (and you should always be feeling festive) check out Sun, Sun, Sun. It is absolutely beautiful and a regular on my rotation of car CDs. Blake is now in Night Terrors of 1927!

I honestly never thought I’d see the day where these guys would be considered a throwback. Best case scenario, I reignited a love for this band or introduced them to a new audience. Worst case scenario, I have some tweens making fun of me for liking something that started in 1998. Either way, Rilo Kiley is truly one of those bands that reminds me why I love music so fucking much.

xx Jess


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