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morning jam xx: Ryan Colao “Blueberry Fields”

19 Jan

ryan colao

Blueberry Fields forever.

Take a magical three-minute and thirty-four second trip you didn’t know you signed up for with Ryan Colao’s psychedelic new track “Blueberry Fields”. I don’t know much about him besides you can get lost in his soundcloud, he’s from the US, and thank goddess he has a Twitter. Listen to his music below and if you like what you hear follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter and buy his music on iTunes.

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xx Cher

late night listen: Bahamas “All The Time”

12 Jan


I’ve had Bahamas “All The Time” on repeat since the song first graced my ears. The track calls for it with minimal yet hypnotic instrumentals, quirky vocal harmonies and relatable lyrics to vibe to. This track takes hold of you and won’t release until you’ve listened at least four times in a row. Lose all your time in the world to “All The Time” tonight and let me know what you think of it after!

Bahamas is a Toronto-based musician and his album Bahamas Is Alfie is out now on vinyl, CD, and iTunes.

Bahamas is currently touring the US and Canada, for tickets and tour information click here and follow him on Songkick!

xx Cher

morning jam xx: Tuff Love “Sweet Discontent”

25 Apr


There is so much to love about this new track from Tuff Love’s forthcoming debut Junk EP, “Sweet Discontent”. The heartbreaking harmonies, relatable, honest lyrics, that bass line, overall 90s sound… I’m obsessed. Tuff Love’s Junk EP is due to release on May 5th via Lost Map Records! You can pre-order the EP on limit edition 10″ white vinyl and get “Sweet Discontent” as an immediate download here. You can also pre-order the Junk EP via iTunes here.

Tuff Love will be touring in May starting with their EP launch at The Old Hairdresser’s in Glasgow! For ticket information click here! To track when Tuff Love are coming to your city, follow them on Songkick here. Don’t forget to keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

xx Cher

obsessed xx: Jamie XX “Girl”

22 Apr

Jamie XX

Jamie XX just released a gorgeous new track called “Girl” via Young Turks due out May 5th!!! “Girl” is a breathtaking, transcendental piece of music that leaves you craving for more new tracks from this incredible producer.

Luckily, the single features another new song “Sleep Sound” and is available for pre-order now through Young Turks and iTunes. Listen to the track below, on repeat, and feel a ray of sunshine fall over you every time for a good 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

xx Cher

late night listen xx: Ben Khan “Drive (Part 1)”

15 Apr

Ben Khan

I’m back from a road trip from Philly to Coachella and 4 glorious, ridiculous, absolutely incredible days in California. After two hours of sleep and a day working, I could not be more pumped to deliver you a dark, sultry, addictive new track from British dreamboat Ben Khan for tonight’s late night listen.

I’ve had “Drive (Part 1)” on repeat all day and definitely added it to the Makeout Music Playlist for your hearing pleasure. The track is from Ben Khan’s upcoming 1992 EP due out May 5th which you can pre-order now here! I’m already obsessed with the EP and can’t wait to hear more new music and am looking forward to his full length album. His music is perfect for getting down in a live setting and I’m also hoping he heads over to the States to grace us all with those knee-weakening tunes in concert.

To keep up with Ben Khan, follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and track future shows on Songkick here.

xx Cher

morning jam xx: Little Dragon “Klapp Klapp”

20 Feb

little dragon

Little Dragon has been one of my favorite bands for some time. They are always reinventing their music to create something new, exciting and mesmerizing.

Their new track “Klapp Klapp” is just that: fast and anthemic instrumentals with the sultry, rich vocals you’ve grown to love from Little Dragon in a brilliant, hot new way.

“Klapp Klapp” is the first single from Little Dragon’s upcoming album Nabuma Rubberband out 5/13 on Loma Vista Recordings in the US, and the rest of the world on 5/12 via Because Music! You can pre-order the album now via iTunes here.

xx Cher

afternoon jam xx: Eagulls “Tough Luck”

17 Dec


I’ll be the first to admit, I take pride in my ability to understand British accents of all sorts, but I will be the first to admit, the Leeds accent proves to be the most difficult for me. Yet language barriers fall fast when I am listening to the punk dream team from Leeds, Eagulls. The band’s newest single “Tough Luck” has been a favorite of mine for the past three months. The single is from their highly anticipated debut album which you can pre-order on iTunes, CD, or my favorite, vinyl. The double A-Side featuring “Tough Luck” and “Opaque” is out now on Limited Edition 7″!! You can order it via Rough Trade here or look for it in your local record store.

Eagulls will be playing two shows in NYC in January before heading on tour in the UK. The band will be playing Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, January 29th and Rough Trade NYC on Friday, January 31st!! For tickets and more tour information click here.

xx Cher


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