obsessed xx: Alt-J ∆ ft. Mountain Man “Buffalo”

sigh. Alt-J seriously can do no wrong. Just as the needle of my record player was about to burn a hole in my Alt-J debut record An Awesome Wave from listening to it too much, I was ecstatic to see-via their Facebook-a new track thanks to the upcoming film Silver Linings! The film stars a bunch of rad people including the foxiest of foxes Bradley Cooper…see below.

I’m guessing the movie is a cute love story about two crazies that fall in love. Let’s face it though, it doesn’t really matter what the film about because I am getting a vision of Bradley Cooper with Alt-J playing in the background and I’m pretty sure you can’t get much better than that.

Check out Alt-J’s new track featuring Mountain Man “Buffalo” below and make sure you see them live and buy their record if you don’t have it already. Or a second or third copy from when your first one gets worn down from you playing it too much.

xx Cher

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