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Philly Show NOT to be missed: Nico’s Gun, Cruiser and Walking Shapes TONIGHT at KFN!!!!

25 Mar



nicos gun

Not only am I still awake after 4 shows in 4 days, I am straight up pumped for the show tonight at KFN. With two of my Philly favorites opening, Walking Shapes take the stage tonight for what will be an Tuesday night show. To find out more of what we are in for tonight, I interviewed Walking Shapes frontman Nathaniel Hoho to find out about their life in NYC, their life on the road, and what they are most excited for this year.

C: How long have you all lived in NYC and how did you meet and decide to form the band?

N: Most of the guys in the band have been in NYC their entire lives, other than myself and Dan. I grew up on a bison farm in Pennsylvania and moved here about 5 years ago and Dan moved here from Trenton to attend NYU.

C: What’s like it like living in NYC with such a rich music scene?

N: It’s a really great community to be a part of. Living here opens you up to new thoughts and approaches to art (and life for that matter) subconsciously. When you’re here you’re in the ether and you’re participating whether you know it or not.

C: What do you think sets you apart from the other bands coming out of that scene?

N: Walking Shapes has a musical depth to it that not many bands out there have right now. Through those layers and subtle intricacies the band has been capable of finding a sound unique to ourselves with a stylistically vast palate. We have roots in rock and roll, Balkan folk, Jazz, and also two of us work as audio engineers and producers which gives us the tools to capture moments of inspiration which has been huge for us, especially on this record. To capture a moment, a record of time and not have to go into the studio later to try to recreate a preexisting moment or feeling.

C: What is tour life like for your band? What is funniest thing that’s happened on tour? What’s the luckiest thing that’s happened on tour?

N: We’re a pretty young band so other than this tour kicking off today at Kung Fu Necktie, we’ve done one other tour out to SXSW with DRGN KING. That was a great time, we had just played Atlanta and were staying with a friend who said she’d house both bands for the night. Lucky; because we didn’t have to stay in a hotel and we experienced some Southern hospitality, however she didn’t mention she had a studio apartment….11 of us ending sleeping in the tiny apartment head to toe. I definitely woke up with Dom from DRGN KING’s feet in my face.

C: You are currently touring in support of your debut album, what was it like recording the album together? How long did it take? Did you write everything together during the recording process, or did you have a lot of music already written?

N: Taka Come On was hands down the greatest recording process I’ve experienced to date. We worked with producer Gus Oberg who’s worked at Electric Lady Studios for years where he’s worked with The Strokes, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams and the list goes on and on. We sent him 60 songs we had recorded of a years time. He chose 16 songs to work, he never revealed the whole list of 16 to us. We’d just go in and work on one or two tracks a day and each day was a surprise. The result was a beautiful black diamond.

C: What do you like better: touring or recording?

N: I love them both. I can’t wait for tour, I love playing shows, traveling and meeting people! That being said I spend most of my time in the studio so when we return home we’ll get right back to it working out ideas. It’s one in the same to me, you record music for the sake of documenting a moment in time, then it’s a privilege to go out and share that with people.

C: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be?

N: My Morning Jacket, Future Islands (did you see that Letterman performance?), and Queens of the Stone Age.

C: Do you have any upcoming shows or festivals you are really looking forward to?

N: I’m excited for the entire tour we are going to be out for 30 days. Here’s the first leg:

Mar 25 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, PA
Mar 26 Double Happiness Columbus, OH
Mar 28 ELBO ROOM Chicago, IL
Mar 29 The Heavy Anchor St. Louis
Mar 30 The Yeti Tulsa, OK
Apr 1 Las Vegas Nevada, Backstage Bar ( needs locals )
Apr 03 The Satellite Los Angeles, CA
Apr 04 House of Blues Anaheim, CA
Apr 05 Acerogami Pomona, CA
Apr 06 Brick & Mortar Music Hall San Francisco, CA
Apr 07 Bardot Los Angeles, CA
Apr 08 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ
Apr 12 Dallas – The Door

C: What’s your favorite city to play so far? Where would you like to go?

N: Austin, LA, Chicago, San Fran, and NYC hold a special place in my heart, but I love touring and enjoy each stop. I’m looking forward to playing in Tokyo and Barcelona, I’ve heard great things about playing those cities.

C: How did you decide on your band name?

N: A butterfly drifted past my review mirror, I was cold it was warm. The sun was beating on a velvet couch along the highway and Walking Shapes was written on it with white paint. It was beautiful.

C: What was the first album you’ve ever purchased?

N: The Four Tops greatest hits or Michael Jackson’s Bad (i think) I was 3 or 4.

C: What are your favorite places to hang out in NYC?

N: Museum of Natural History

C: What record should everyone listen to from start to finish?

N: Taka Come On out on April 8th.

I see what you did there! The album plugging pros Walking Shapes play KFN TONIGHT with Nico’s Gun and Cruiser as support. The show starts at 8PM and you can get your tickets at the door!

xx Cher


Philly show NOT to be missed: Chad Valley and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. TONIGHT at Union Transfer!!!!

24 Mar

chad valley


Day 4 out of 5 epic nights of live music in Philly kicks off with Chad Valley and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. tonight at Union Transfer!

I am buzzing to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. live after the release of their sophomore album The Speed of Things (get your copy here!). The album is a perfect mixture of indie and dance, super chill and still super fun. I can’t wait to get my Monday night dance on to their new tracks and my older favorites. While touring extensively with Chad Valley, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. found time to release a mixtape called Produce which features some epic artists! Check out the sounds below as well as their new album The Speed of Things! Also check out their music video for “Run” while tying your dancing shoes on tight tonight. The show starts at 8:30PM at Union Transfer, by some miracle, tickets are only $15 and still available here or at the box office!

xx Cher

Philly Show NOT to be missed: Roman Remains, Big Black Delta, and Gary Numan TONIGHT at the Trocadero!!!!!

23 Mar



To continue an epic week of music in Philadelphia, I am reeling with excitement to see Roman Romains, a new project with Liela Moss and Toby Butler from The Duke Spirit (one of my favorite bands)! They, along with Big Black Delta, are opening for the brilliant Gary Numan at the Trocadero tonight!!

This gorgeous new collaboration from Liela Moss and Toby Butler has a rich, electronic sound that is completely different from their work with The Duke Spirit, but is just as energetic, addicting and fun. As they are both from one of my favorite live bands, I am excited to see Roman Remains play new tracks from their Energy You EP tonight! The EP is available to download now here.
The show starts at 7:30PM and Roman Remains plays first so make sure you are there on time to see them! Tickets are still available here and at the box office.

xx Cher

Philly show NOT to be missed: Cate Le Bon and Warpaint TONIGHT at Union Transfer!!!!!

22 Mar



It’s like Christmas season for live music, all my favorite bands are touring and stopping in Philly after a week of debauchery and endless live music at SXSW. No time to recover, here we go… incredible live music every night in Philly continues with Cate Le Bon and Warpaint tonight at Union Transfer. I don’t know how but there are still some tickets left so get yours here or at the door tonight!

I could not be more excited to interview Cate Le Bon and see her live tonight opening for Warpaint. Her most recent album Mug Museum dropped last year and has been on a pretty heavy rotation for me lately. I admire her storytelling ability through her songs and the intricate, dark yet fun instrumentation of each track. The record sounds like it was made for vinyl and a gem from your parents’ collection from the 60s. I am stoked to see her execute this and her other albums live and check out her band. She goes on at exactly 8:30PM tonight so don’t be late!


I will never get over how awesome it is to get a chance to talk to some of my favorite bands and musicians, finding out what and who inspires them and their music-whether I am interviewing them for this blog, other blogs, or cornering them on the street at SXSW. It’s even better to find out that your favorite bands love the same bands you do. When talking to Jagwar Ma for Waster at SXSW, they told me one of the shows they were most stoked to see was Warpaint the night before. Warpaint have been one of my favorite bands for a while and I am beaming that they are back and playing in Philly tonight.

Warpaint’s new self-titled record is an absolute masterpiece. The songwriting, vocals, instrumentals and production are completely on point. It’s a record to get lost in and listen on repeat. The band is also one of my favorites to see live, I saw them last at Austin Psych Fest last year and they are completely mesmerizing. They are each a powerhouse when they are playing and so animated you don’t know who to look at more. You want to watch all of them as they completely own the stage. As a major fan of their debut album and their newest album, tonight is going to be brilliant, seeing songs from both albums performed live.

Cate Le Bon and Warpaint are at Union Transfer tonight, doors are at 8PM and Cate le Bon goes on at exactly 8:30PM, seriously don’t be late! Tickets are only $18 and you can get them here or at the door!








xx Cher

Philly show NOT to be missed xx: Sam Smith at Boot & Saddle TONIGHT!!!!!!

21 Mar


One of the most beautiful boys with one of the most beautiful voices in the world, Sam Smith, is playing his first Philly show tonight at Boot & Saddle! The tickets have been sold out for months so hopefully you have yours. I could not be more excited to go tonight after meeting Sam Smith in the airport on my way back to Philly from Austin. He is such a sweetheart and after getting chills at his first show in the US in NYC, I can’t wait to bring my friends with me and witness their first experience watching him live.

Sam Smith is touring in support of his upcoming debut album In The Lonely Hour, due out this May! You can pre-order the album through Amazon, iTunes, and Sam Smith’s store.

His new single “Stay With Me” drops Tuesday on BBC Radio 1, and he will be playing Saturday Night Live next Saturday!

To check out tour dates near you and track when Sam Smith is coming to your town, follow him on Songkick here!

See you tonight at Boot & Saddle, the show starts at 8PM so make sure you are on time, you don’t want to miss a minute.

xx Cher

Afternoon Jam xx: Southern “Where The Wild Are”

10 Mar


I know most people hate/ are afraid of change, but I actually love when I hear a song in it’s early days, then the re-recorded version for the album. I think it is fun to see a band grow and develop as they get closer to releasing  a new album. This is the case for brother-sister duo Southern. The band released an acoustic track I loved called “Where The Wild Are” not too long ago. Then, I heard the newly released harder, more sultry version, and it brought a new life to the track. The song has a brand new attitude and added intensity, it’s impossible get excited about hearing new music from the band. Listen to the song below and follow Southern on Facebook , Twitter, and track all future live shows from the band on Songkick here!

xx Cher

Philly Show NOT to be missed xx: Milagres TONIGHT at Milkboy Philly!!!!

1 Mar


Happy somewhat warm Saturday Philly!!!!! Mother nature has given us the go ahead to wear less than 12 layers of clothing today before she brings on a giant snow storm again tomorrow, which means tonight is the night to party…and that party is happening at Milkboy tonight at 8:30PM!

That’s right, tonight is a night of incredible music featuring The Extraordinaires and Milagres! The show starts at 8:30PM sharp and tickets are only $10! You can get them here or at the venue tonight. Milagres are an indie rock quartet from Brooklyn, the band puts on an epic live show you do not want to miss. Currently touring in support of their recently released sophomore album Violent Light, tonight is your chance to hear some new songs along with your old favorites.

I am so stoked to see both bands play live tonight, and I will see you there!

xx Cher

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