Sunday Scaries and ‘The Last Man On Earth’

Wolf Alice’s new album Blue Weekend due out June 11th is available for pre-order now!

Staff photographer, Shannon, here. Normally I stay behind the lens but in lieu of the existence of live music, I thought I would share something on this side of Mylifeinsound.

As I fight off the Sunday scaries for this week, I happened upon Wolf Alice‘s new single, ‘The Last Man On Earth’. This comes as the first release off the critically-acclaimed London born rock band’s upcoming and much anticipated third album, Blue Weekend, set to drop later this year on June 11th.

A stunning contrast to the hard hitting and charged favorite ‘Mona Lisa Smile’, ‘The Last Man on Earth’ is ethereal and captivated a sullen feeling of the past year. It hit a nerve in me, personally that I wasn’t expecting and there in lies the magic. The magic created when an artist is able to leave room for the listener to perceive it from their own viewpoint, to insert their individual life experiences to find a uniquely deeper meaning.

This track does just that and ironically is centered about human arrogance says singer and guitarist Ellie Rowsell. “I’d just read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle and I had written the line ‘Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god’ in my notes. But then I thought: ‘Uh, your peculiar travel suggestion isn’t a dancing lesson from god, it’s just a travel suggestion! Why does everything need to mean something more?’”

Why does everything need to mean something more? The self importance behind the human need to over analyze why things happen or the desire to self soothe by finding higher importance in the trivial or the trauma entangled in life and exacerbated by the current times. The magic the listener feels when able to closely relate to a song in a uniquely personal way.

The song culminates to the final chorus to haunt you slightly more than the imminent thoughts of Monday

A penny for your truth
But I hedge my bets on wealth
‘Cause it’s lies after lies after lies
But do you even fool yourself
And then the light shines on you
And when your friends are talking
You hardly hear a word
You were the first person here
And the last man on the Earth
But the light

– The Last Man On Earth, Wolf Alice

Check out the music video below and you can stream ‘The Last Man On Earth’ on all platforms now to prepare for the June album release that I personally am anticipating to be an absolute masterpiece.

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