Relive The Show: Dean Lewis at Union Transfer by Jen Green

Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis brought his Sad Boi Winter Summer Tour to a packed house at Union Transfer. Dean, charismatic as ever, delivered a beautiful set filled with new songs and big hits. His well-crafted lyrics paired with piano tunes and acoustic guitar makes this show a must-see.

Staying true to the tour name, he said with all smiles, “Does anyone want to hear a happy song? Well, I have no happy songs…only sad songs.”

The band went on to play a full set filled with an array of acoustic, piano and full-band songs, delivered with the utmost delicacy. The guitarist even broke out a ukelele!

This intimate show was a great spotlight into his songwriting as Dean told the origins and meaning behind many of his songs.

He shared that he lived in West Hollywood for three months and dedicated all his time to songwriting. In this time he wrote songs during the day and walked Sunset Blvd at night with headphones in just listening to his works. This was the start of many songs on the record.

Settling into the piano for a few songs, he played a new song for the crowd, called Scares Me.

“I wrote this song and it’s very vulnerable and honest. I’ve only played it five times and I’ve fucked it up four times,” says Dean. The first line of the song he messed up the lyrics, stopped, and laughed with the crowd, “Well, I messed it up 4 out of 6 times, it’s disgraceful, ha!” The crowd cheered him on, and loved this genuine moment.

Introducing the next song, he joked “This song All For You is not a happy song. It’s a happy song, with a terrible ending. It’s pretty raw, it’ll be on the next album!”

While most of his songs were love songs, he also played How I Say Goodbye, written about his dad who fought cancer and is in remission now. 

The song that he says changed his life, Be Alright took us toward the end of the set. Fans sang all together to share this moment with him.

During the set, Dean talked about how there’s so much excitement in youth and how we’re all trying to get that feeling back. His stage presence, songwriting, and togetherness of the crowd will take you back to that feeling, where in the moment, everything is alright.

xx Jen

Dean Lewis at Union Transfer by Jen Green

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