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Philly Show NOT to be missed: Allen Stone TONIGHT at the TLA!!!!

12 Nov
Allen Stone plays the TLA tonight in Philadelphia!

Allen Stone plays the TLA tonight in Philadelphia!

He’s back! Allen Stone, the powerhouse singer from Chewelah, Washington, was in Philly last October to shower us with soul at Union Transfer. He was here again this past summer at The Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing with O.A.R., and now he’s back for round three to debut his new album Radius. Radius is full of honesty and thought-provoking lyrics, but keeps you on your feet with funky beats ranging from hip-hop to disco. Every time I see him perform, I look around the venue to see everyone’s jaw drop. His flawless voice will floor you and his groove will make it impossible to stand still. Don’t miss Allen’s soulful dance party at the TLA tonight! Doors are at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM, so there is plenty of time to see Hippo Campus at The Barbary and Allen Stone tonight at The TLA! Tickets to see Allen Stone are available here or at the door. See you there!

For tickets, tour information and to find out when Allen Stone is coming to a city near you, click here. Going to see Allen Stone live? Tag us in your photos and videos [at]mylifeinsound!

xx Cait

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lovelovelove xx: Rest In Power Bob Marley

11 May

I’ve said it before and I will say it again until my lungs give out. I love music! Music makes me happy, hopeful, and excited about life and humanity. Music is such a powerful force that can link people together despite race, gender, belief, everything. Music can unite people, save people. Something can grab you in a song without explanation or meaning, your heart can interpret it in a different way even the artist meant. Music can help you through work, suffering, heartbreak, loss, and be the soundtrack of your greatest achievements, happiest moments, love, excitement, relaxation, work out, sleep…your life. The right song can get you through anything, and remind you how beautiful it is to be alive.

I think music is one of the most powerful forces in the universe that should always only be used and interpreted for good. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, mainly memoirs of my favorite artists and musicians that link history, their life story, and the story of their music. When a friend and I wanted to make plans I decided that for the first time in a year I really wanted to make it to the movies. I always love watching movies, going to the theater, watching my favorites at home with friends and family; but for some reason I haven’t been able to get to a theater in a while. In fact, without a television/cable I never really had a clue as to what movies were even out right now (or for the past year!). Since my favorite theaters in Philly are the Ritz, smaller independent movie theaters, I immediately looked into those first. After reading several movie descriptions to get an idea of what was playing I came across “Marley”, a documentary of the legendary musician Bob Marley. I always loved him and his music, but to be honest I had no idea of his story and the story behind his music.

On Wednesday night, two days prior to the anniversary of his passing, today, May 11th in 1981, I went to see this beautiful, inspiring film. I was so honored to learn about his life and how much music affected him and shaped who he was as a person. He came through so much adversity throughout his life with such an overwhelming positive energy, attitude and smile. He never gave up on his music, on his people, on his country, or on his fans. Even after getting shot, and with the absolute chance he might get assassinated for playing a free show for peace in Jamaica, he played the show anyway, and later even through teargas. He promoted peace, love and happiness through his music and radiated it through his life. In his eventual fortune, he never stopped giving, to his friends, family and even strangers. He was rich in mind, body and soul and the riches that the rest of the world thought essential he didn’t need.

Listening to his music throughout the film gave his songs so much more meaning to me. I saw where the lyrics came from and what he was really portraying throughout the gorgeous poetry of his songs. Not only did the movie want to make me go back and re-listen to Bob Marley’s whole catalog from The Wailers to his last album; it makes me want to live the positivity, energy, and love in his music. To promote peace in everything I do as he did. He used his eventual fame and voice through his music to spread words of peace, to unite the world, and even after his passing his music still does for generations. What can be more powerful than that?

I urge you all to see this movie while it is still in theaters, and if you are moved even a fraction of how much I am right now, it will be the best money on a movie you’ve spent.

“The winds that sometimes take something we love, are the same that bring us something we learn to love. Therefore we should not cry about something that was taken from us, but, yes, love what we have been given. Because what is really ours is never gone forever.”-Bob Marley

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Rest In Power.


lovelovelove: Jay Electronica ft. Mobb Deep “Call Of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)”

22 Oct

What can I say about this song? I feel anything that Jay Electronica creates is pure quality, but when I first heard this song I was knocked out by how incredible it is. I love when musicians use their platform to raise awareness of global issues and stand up for what they believe in. In the current global political climate, this song is just in time. I hope people listen. This is hip hop at it’s finest.


epic music video xx: Ben Howard “The Wolves”

14 Aug

It’s hard not to have a crush on Ben Howard. He is an amazing musician, singer, and even better, he is not shy to speak up and raise awareness for issues he cares about. An avid surfer, Ben Howard works with many non-profits including Surfers Against Sewage to raise awareness to protect a resource some take for granted, our oceans. When I heard his song “The Wolves” I fell in love immediately, and I am so stoked it has an incredible music video as well:

Another favorite track and a video he did with SAS:


Any time will do my love, TV on the Radio “Will Do”

8 Apr

I am so stoked to represent Oxfam America, the non-profit relief organization that works to find lasting solutions to global poverty, hunger, and social injustice at the TV on the Radio concert tonight! They are such an incredible band and it really means a lot to me that they are doing their part to not only make fans aware of global issues but to also take action at their shows. The video for “Will Do” features the lovely actress Joy Bryant from the TV show “Parenthood”. She also supports Oxfam America!


DJ Spooky + Joshua Roman create a powerful cover of Radiohead Everything in Its Right Place

23 Feb

Watch this incredible video that DJ Spooky and Joshua Roman created for the incredible non-profit TheVoiceProject that helps musicians raise awareness and money to aid peace through reconciliation efforts and rebuilding efforts in Uganda. Read this excerpt from their site:

“A peace movement is an incredible thing, people coming together, mobilizing like an army, and in this case armed not with guns but with songs and something more powerful than any bullet; compassion, the strength of human will, and determination.
For over two decades war has ravaged Northern Uganda. It is Africa’s longest running conflict and it has spread to Southern Sudan and Eastern Congo. Joseph Kony’s LRA has made abducting children and forcing them to fight his chief weapon of war, even making them kill their friends and family members. Many abductees and former soldiers escape but hide in the bush, afraid to return home because of reprisals for the atrocities they were forced to commit.
The women of Northern Uganda – widows, rape survivors, and former abductees have been banding together in groups to support each other and those orphaned by the war and diseases so prevalent in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. And they are singing songs. The lyrics let the former soldiers know that they are forgiven and that they should come home. The songs are passed by radio and word of mouth out into the bush, as far as the Sudan and DR Congo. And it’s working. Former LRA are returning and for the first time 24 years the region has a chance at real peace.
The Voice Project is an attempt to support these incredible women and the peace movement in Uganda, and an effort to see how far a voice can carry.”


Album of the Year goes to – Arcade Fire

14 Feb

I know it’s been said a lot by now, but I honestly could NOT be happier or more stoked for Arcade Fire on their win of Album of the Year for their album “The Suburbs”. Not only are they incredible musicians that created some of my favorite albums including the Grammy winner, they are the nicest, most inspiring people. On their last tour, Arcade Fire brought along Partners in Health to raise money and awareness for the devastation in Haiti, where band member Regine Chassagne’s parents immigrated from to Canada, where Regine was born. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at their show and get people involved. Arcade Fire has also been a supporter of Oxfam America, a non-profit relief organization that works to find lasting solutions to global hunger, poverty, and social injustice. I am so happy that a band that gives so much, in music and charity, are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Too bad it took the Grammy for the radio to start playing more Arcade Fire, but I’m glad America’s eyes have finally been opened. Congratulations! xx

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