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LeBrock of Rock Interviews: Soraia!

2 Jun

Cher Dunn interviews rock goddess ZouZou Mansour of Soraia about their upcoming album due out this Fall! Be the first to hear the title of the new album by listening to the podcast below!

For this Mylifeinsound Radio podcast with the LeBrock of Rock Cher Dunn, we sat down with rock goddess ZouZou Mansour to talk about her band Soraia and their upcoming record due out this Fall on Wicked Cool Records! Be the first to hear the name of their new album and what makes this band not like everybody else.

Be a part of Soraia’s new music video by rocking out at their show with The Woggles next Friday in NYC! Tickets are available now here!

Music mentioned in this podcast for further learning/listening:
The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
The Beatles – White Album
Queen- Mustapha
Queen- Liar
Soraia – Less Than Zero
The Clash
The Pixies
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2017
Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder
The Who
Keith Moon
Jimi Hendrix
Chuck Berry
Patti Smith
Lou Reed
Jeff Buckley- Mojo Pin Live At Sin-e, Lilac Wine
Nina Simone -Lilac Wine
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
PJ Harvey – Uh Huh Her, Shame
Dave Matthews Band
Peter Gabriel
The White Stripes
4 Non Blondes – What’s Up
Linda Perry
Little Steven Van Zandt
Iggy Pop


xx Cher


Happy Birthday to forever Megababe Peter Gabriel!!!!

13 Feb


Today at mylifeinsound we celebrate the birth of the forever megababe and brilliant artist, Peter Gabriel.

In honor of Peter Gabriel’s birthday, watch some of our favorite videos of Genesis and his solo career below!


I swear I was a Genesis groupie in a past life. This live version of “Six Hours” on the Belgian TV show The Musical Box could have actually gone on for six hours and I wouldn’t be any less mesmerized. Watch for yourself below:



Costume king Peter Gabriel helped make sure every live show was flawlessly epic:


Angel Gabriel

During his solo career, Peter Gabriel released more of my favorite songs and music videos of all time including: “Big Time”, “Sledgehammer”, “Solsbury Hill”, “Red Rain”, and the song that still makes everyone’s heart explode, “In Your Eyes”.


Today, listen to more Genesis and Peter Gabriel to help celebrate the birthday of this brilliant artist and forever megababe!


xx Cher

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