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LeBrock of Rock Interviews: Soraia!

2 Jun

Cher Dunn interviews rock goddess ZouZou Mansour of Soraia about their upcoming album due out this Fall! Be the first to hear the title of the new album by listening to the podcast below!

For this Mylifeinsound Radio podcast with the LeBrock of Rock Cher Dunn, we sat down with rock goddess ZouZou Mansour to talk about her band Soraia and their upcoming record due out this Fall on Wicked Cool Records! Be the first to hear the name of their new album and what makes this band not like everybody else.

Be a part of Soraia’s new music video by rocking out at their show with The Woggles next Friday in NYC! Tickets are available now here!

Music mentioned in this podcast for further learning/listening:
The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
The Beatles – White Album
Queen- Mustapha
Queen- Liar
Soraia – Less Than Zero
The Clash
The Pixies
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2017
Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder
The Who
Keith Moon
Jimi Hendrix
Chuck Berry
Patti Smith
Lou Reed
Jeff Buckley- Mojo Pin Live At Sin-e, Lilac Wine
Nina Simone -Lilac Wine
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
PJ Harvey – Uh Huh Her, Shame
Dave Matthews Band
Peter Gabriel
The White Stripes
4 Non Blondes – What’s Up
Linda Perry
Little Steven Van Zandt
Iggy Pop


xx Cher


lovelovelove: Record Store Day shenanigans!

22 Apr

Yesterday was Record Store Day and my friend Cait and I had a blast! Before I get back to my new records tonight, I am currently listening to my friends radio show on 91.7 WKDU from 6-8, it’s a dance show called “Bass Is Loaded” and I love sending him songs to play. Last week I got to join him in the studio and it was a blast. You can listen now online here just click “Listen now” on the top right of the page. Yesterday was the perfect day, the sun was shining and I woke up ready to get some records. I went to my favorite record store in Philly which is also a cafe called Milkcrate. I got my favorite breakfast and was so excited to see that they got Jack White’s new album due out next week Blunderbuss in for Record Store Day. I picked that up with my breakfast, my first purchase of Record Store Day couldn’t be more perfect. I love Jack White and I couldn’t wait to get home and listen to the new album, so when I got home at the end of the day for dinner I did just that. I couldn’t help but dance the whole time, he is amazing and the new album is incredible. I must have played it in full last night at least 5 times. Cait and I then hit up two more record stores in the area, I picked up 3 cds, two Letters To Cleo albums (one of my favorite 90s bands), The best of Blondie, and two more 7″s from my checklist: The Hives “Go Right Ahead” and The White Stripes “Hand Springs”. Next, we headed to Main Street Music in Manayunk and I pick up my last purchase for the day, Dry The River’s “New Ceremony” 7″ (one of 500 in North America!). We also got to see Jesse Malin play live there! Cait and I made our way to a nearby local coffee shop and as we were there we saw absolute radio legend Pierre Robert walk in to get a coffee! I couldn’t believe it, he is such an inspiration I had to get a picture with him. It was the perfect end to a perfect Record Store Day. Soon after we left and I went home to make dinner and listen to all my new vinyl. I was super sad I couldn’t find Arctic Monkeys “R U Mine?” I was beat out by someone at both stores! But needless to say, I did pretty well otherwise!


obsessed xx: HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY!!!!!

21 Apr

Today I am in my favorite record store in Philly, Milkcrate, starting the morning off right with some breakfast and new vinyl! Today is my favorite day of the year (besides the 4th of July) because today is Record Store Day. One day of the year set aside for us to celebrate our local record stores and all the new and special edition vinyl releases of our most loved artists. Today I am picking up an early copy of Jack White’s Blunderbuss here at Milkcrate, then I am taking my checklist and trying to get as many as I can from all the record stores in Philly. Here are some of the tracks and vinyl I am most excited to pick up. Check for your local participating Record Store Day stores here and make your own checklist of new and special releases here!

Arctic Monkeys “R U Mine?” / Domino Records / 7″ / 1340

The Hives / “Go Right Ahead” / No Fun AB / 7″ / 1800

The White Stripes / “Hand Springs” + “Red Death at 6:14″ / Third Man Records / 7” Black and Red Swirled Vinyl

Dry The River / “New Ceremony” / RCA / 7″ Vinyl / 500 in North America!

There are so many more epic new releases I would love, it might be too hard to choose! All I know is I am excited for the free shows today at Main Street Music and new vinyl!! Not so excited about looking at my bank account after… Have a great Record Store Day everyone! Don’t forget to hug (or just thank) your favorite record store owner!


I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me. obsessed xx: Jack White “Love Interruption”

1 Feb

Good goddess!! It’s only February and it has already been an incredible year for music and music news. Jack White, utter genius who has been quite busy since The White Stripes called it quits, took time to write and record a solo record, Blunderbuss which is due out April 23 & 24th through Third Man Records/XL Recordings/Columbia. I love this first taste of the record and I absolutely cannot wait to hear more. I have always been a fan of Jack White and his many incredible projects. He is one of my favorite songwriters and I am so happy he decided to release a solo album for us to enjoy this year! You can pre-order the 7″ of “Love Interruption” here, which features a B-side not available on the vinyl entitled “Machine Gun Silhouette” which is due out February 7th.


New Strokes single “Under cover of Darkness”!!!!! Download the MP3 FREE for 48hrs!!!! OMG!!!

9 Feb

If they Mayans are correct and this is indeed the last year of our lives, it is definitely going to be the BEST LAST YEAR EVER for our music loving lives. There is so much incredible new music coming out this year, not to mention tours… and although we are having our fair share of RIPs of some favorite bands announcing their end (LCD Soundsystem, The White Stripes, John Frusciante not on the new RHCP album, & more), we are lucky enough to make up for it with new bands, and new albums from old favorites. Such as, THE STROKES. Whose website JUST CRASHED from so many hits of old and new fans eagerly trying to download their new single they released today for FREE for only 48hrs. Don’t sweat it, there is still 47 hours left. Keep refreshing xx

If you can’t get to their main webpage try to click this direct link and download it here. Just sign up for their newsletter and they will send you the link! xx

Full single (radio ripped version):

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