obsessed xx: Seeing one of my favorite bands from high school tonight, The Progress!!! I mean Into It. Over it. … or do I?!?!

Well, tonight all my high school dreams come true. I am going to see The Progress Into It. Over It.

Into It. Over It. is the brilliant new project of Evan Thomas Weiss who was also in one of my absolute favorite bands while I was in high school (and now…true love lasts a lifetime!!) called The Progress (RIP). Back in the early days of PureVolume and Myspace, The Progress, based in NJ, had hundreds of shows in the tri-state area over their time, which I attended almost all of them. Let’s just say, The Progress was probably one of my top 5 “friends” on Myspace. Finding their record in my car a couple of years ago was the best thing that happened to me, flashbacks to wreaking havoc in my (earlier) youth, roadtrips, friends, fun, and shows.. it doesn’t get better.

Tonight Weiss comes to First Unitarian Church as Into It. Over It., with Make Do And Mend, Restorations, Hostage Calm, “and some surprises” as stated on the Into It. Over It. Facebook page ending with a hashtag, “#USCAMERA”, one of my favorite songs by The Progress. Let’s just say my 16-year-old self is FREAKING OUT with excitement right now. I am going to go look up their old PureVolume account and add 10000s of plays in one sitting like I used to in my high school days. Thank you so much Evan Weiss for making a girls day/year/life!!!

I mean, if the surprise is what I think it is!

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