throwback thursday xx: Catherine Wheel “Black Metallic”

cw black and white group

Catherine Wheel were an alt-rock band from 1990-2000 from Great Yarmouth, England. The band were considered part of the shoegazing scene at the time for their intensive use guitar feedback and effects pedals, but focused more on songwriting and lyricism. As a band, they were influenced by Talk Talk and Pink Floyd.

Their track “Black Metallic” from their 1992 album Ferment is raw, pure and timeless. “Black Metallic” was their second-biggest hit in the U.S.

Another throwback: remember when MTV stood for Music Television?

Catherine Wheel released their second, more aggressive, atmospheric album Chrome in 1993. In a 2007 interview, lead singer and guitarist Rob Dickinson said that members of Interpol and Death Cab For Cutie told him without the album Chrome, their bands “wouldn’t exist”.

Catherine Wheel’s sound evolved throughout their next three albums Happy Days (1995), B-sides and outtakes album Like Cats and Dogs (1996), Adam and Eve (1997) and Wishville (2000).

The 90s were an incredible time for music and always worth rediscovering. Catherine Wheel is proof. For more great tunes from the past, I’ll post some classic jams every Thursday.

xx Cher

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