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Coachella Lineup revealed: Radiohead, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and a ton of other bands you love

4 Jan




It’s that time of year, where all you do is look forward to every upcoming festival 2017 will grace us. Coachella always seems to be the first one to brag about their lineups getting you all excited for April when we’re barely into January, but this year created a next-level pining inside me I can’t even believe is real…they had me at Radiohead. Honestly, we could have stopped there. Radiohead could have played all three days and I would have been stoked but no, instead we have Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar also headlining, along with a ton of  amazing bands on the lineup to try to run around and see. Festival passes go on sale today, January 4th at 11AM PST here.


I get that a lot of bands play festivals but nothing annoys me more than the hierarchy of font sizes these posters use. You need a magnifying glass to see some truly epic artists on this list so here are some of my favorites:


THUNDERCAT: How much do I love this man? Let me count the ways. For one, Thundercat put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever been to in my life and I’ve been to an insane amount of shows. Thundercat is one of the best musicians of our time on record and on stage and seeing him build his music live is something every music loving soul should experience. He is not one to be missed at this festival.



King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Seeing this Australian seven-piece band live is not an event it’s an experience. Like a symphony of psych rock set to mesmerizing visuals you will be floating in the clouds watching this band whether you dropped or not.



Shura has been one of my favorite queens since I saw her live and interviewed her for Galore and at SXSW. Shura’s shows are an upbeat dance party soundtrack-worth of an 80s John Hughes film. Things you’ll need to bring to her show: your dancing shoes and someone to make out with… well technically you can meet that person there.



S U R V I V E. The brilliant band that brought you the Stranger Things soundtrack and solidified your addiction to a television show will be creeping things up in Palm Springs with heavy bass lines and synthesizers and if we’re lucky a sea of lasers and fog to turn your Coachella upside-down (in a good way).



Jagwar Ma has been one of my favorite bands for years, I could see them play the same show every day for three years and would still be just as thrilled as the first time I saw them live. Their music is a beautiful blend of pysch, rock and dance which are three of my favorite things. Their shows always give you a dance workout that will make you cancel you gym membership and buy every album they’ve released (here and here).



Aussie psych dream team POND are a mesmerizing, trippy AF show that will have your body moving and your mind spinning. While you’re getting lost in their instrumentals and vocal harmonies, you’ll find one of your favorite new bands to follow into the space-time continuum they open up in your mind when you’re watching them live.



Bring your crush/love/that megababe you met at the Shura show with you for the Coachella set of sheer baby-making music created and performed by HONNE. Let the UK duo set the mood with their mixture of smooth vocals, R&B and dance that will get your heart beating and body moving  as that California sandstorm sweeps around you.


Whether you’re going to Coachella as a massive music fan on a mission or to get a picture of your outfit taken go see these artists and get your musical mind blown and expanded by  the incredible artists above.

Watch: Childish Gambino performs “Redbone” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!!!

15 Dec



Childish Gambino brings his song “Redbone” to the Jimmy Fallon stage and knocks us all into another dimension.

Good goddess what’s more glorious than Childish Gambino’s new album Awaken, My Love!?

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 4.06.43 PM.png

Him performing “Redbone” from the album on Jimmy Fallon wearing only shiny silver pants. Donald Glover performs the track with knee-weakening intensity as he bends and twists his vocals on the raw, funky AF track. Glover proves that one of my favorite tracks on the album most certainly can be brought to life live and taken to another whole dimension, of soul, funk and R&B. The raw intensity the performance brought the audience of The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon would make Prince proud as a purple glow lit Glover as his vocals reached glass-shattering heights fueled by passion and undeniable talent.

If you didn’t already know Childish Gambino’s Donald Glover and his intense array of talents, he is having quite a great year. With a baby on the way, Glover saw the launch of his acclaimed new show (and one of my favorites from this year) Atlanta, which he created, writes, acts in and directs. Writing this album when he wasn’t working on the show, Glover created such an epic and glorious piece of music, it’s unbelievable how much creative magic can come out of one human being. Lucky for us, his gifts of the album and show have made a dark year a lot brighter. Now after this performance, let’s hope 2017 bring a new Childish Gambino tour that will knock us into another realm.



xx Cher

The Spotify Playlist that changed your life.

7 Dec

What is the Spotify Playlist that changed your life? We all have one…and if you don’t yet you should really start exploring.

What is the Spotify playlist that changed your life? Mine is Lush Vibes. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it. I was casually strolling in and out of my housemate’s room catching up on her day and every time I came in a different song was playing, yet all had a different chill ass groove that somehow tied them all perfectly together like an episode of High Maintenance [start binging now].

“Who is this? What are you listening to?” I finally asked. Next, the moment my life changed, “That’s a playlist on Spotify called Lush Vibes.” she laughed hysterically. “I found it after I spent way too much on a Face Mask at Lush. The sales ladies were just so nice and informative.” she continued. My head was already reeling. I excused myself and went into my room to  immediately download and save the playlist forever on my phone.

I searched, there it was with “a weird picture of a guy in a jungle” as the cover art…or at least that’s how the tiny pic looked on my housemate’s phone. Who is that handsome man standing amongst the-dare I say- lush, beautiful greenery? Did he make this playlist? If so, can I be his best friend? Confidant? Assistant? The gorgeous gent is Iman Omari, an artist featured on the playlist with some of my favorite songs on the playlist including his single, “That Girl”. After getting the playlist on lock I lay in my bed and stare at the stars I was seeing with each new song and artist I discovered.

Since then, I’ve listened to Lush Vibes when I’m really happy, want to chill, am depressed, want to dance, can’t sleep, am driving, flying, going on adventures, and contemplating life. Described by Spotify as “Lush, hazy and chill instrumental hip hop by today’s future-minded beat crafters”. However you want to describe it, this playlist is the coverall playlist that no matter where I am in my life it uplifts my mood, and most importantly never gets old.

xx Cher

Philly show NOT to be missed: Beat Connection at Boot & Saddle TONIGHT!!!

18 Aug

Beat Connection get your weekend dance party started off early TONIGHT at Boot & Saddle.


Philly, the weekend is drawing near and if you felt a need to get your dance workout in early, you cannot miss Beat Connection tonight at Boot & Saddle.

Beat Connection are an incredible band to see live so make sure to see them tonight along with Kodak To Graph and Moon Bounce as support! Tickets are only $12 and you can get them here or at the door. The show starts at 8:30pm so make sure you get to the venue on time to get the party started with the opening bands.

Beat Connection just dropped one of my favorite new tracks of the summer “For The Record”. Listen below and get your dancing shoes warmed up for the show tonight!


Not in Philly? Catch them on the rest of their tour dates below!



Pre-game the show by listening to more music from Beat Connection below:




See you tonight on the dance floor!

xx Cher

Philly Show NOT to be missed: DZ Deathrays at Milkboy TONIGHT!!!!

21 Jul



DZ Deathrays are coming to melt your face off with thrash in it’s finest form at Milkboy in Philadelphia tonight!!!



One of my favorite bands, especially to see live, DZ Deathrays are heading to Philly TONIGHT to play Milkboy with The Cats as support. The show starts at 8PM and tickets are $15 here and at the door.



The kings of badass/hilarious music videos and making your face melt within 200 yards of them playing live are heading to Philly from Brooklyn today to light your rocknroll heart on fire. Philly is their second to last stop on this tour ending in Boston at Great Scott this Friday, July 22. Pregame the show by watching the videos here! Don’t try this at home though:



DZ Deathrays will be playing tracks from their award-winning albums Black Rat and Bloodstream. One of my favorite bands to see live, I’m excited to see DZ Deathrays again for the first time since they blew everyone away at SXSW this year. Don’t miss your chance to see them TONIGHT at Milkboy!! Show starts at 8PM and you can get your tickets here or at the door. Get ready to sweat!






xx Cher




morning jam: The Magic Gang “All I Want Is You”

29 Mar

One of our new favorite bands, The Magic Gang, are going on tour in the UK this April and just released a new cover “Walk On By” available for free download now!


I can’t stop listening to these Brighton-based megababes The Magic Gang. I must have listened to this track “All I Want Is You” at least 1,000 times this month. The song is a perfect mixture of angst, upbeat indie pop, and 50s nostalgia. The band recently covered one of their favorite tracks, “Walk On By” up now on soundcloud and available to download for free! Listen to both tracks below. Their new EP, aptly titled, “EP” is one of my top favorite collections of music released this year.

The Magic Gang are heading out on tour in the UK in April so if you like what you hear make sure to check them out in a city near you! Tour dates below:







The Magic Gang Tour




xx Cher

morning jam: GUNNS “Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog”

1 Feb

Listen to GUNNS “Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog” and catch them on tour with Albert Hammond Jr. in Australia this month!


Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog? Hopefully everyone in this band so I can stop playing it on repeat on Soundcloud and have them play it live to me on repeat in my room. Spinning Top Music has been known to gift the world with the music of a bunch Aussie megababes so it’s no surprise Perth-based dream team GUNNS is also on their roster.

GUNNS are having a show this Saturday, February 6th at The Bird in Perth to raise money for their upcoming Australian tour with Albert Hammond Jr. The show will feature The Spunloves, Benjamin Witt, Ah Trees and DJ CA$H MC LEAN (Jamie Terry). For tickets and more information click here.

If you or anyone you know lives in or around Perth go to the show so they can make extra to also tour all the way to me in Philly sooner than later.

Listen to Gunns “Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog” with another favorite “She’s a Rainbow” below:








Tues, Feb 16th // The Gov – Adelaide // Tickets

Wed, Feb 17th // Woolly Mammoth – Brisbane // Tickets

Fri, Feb 19th // Oxford Art Factory – Sydney // Tickets

Sun, Feb 21st // Corner Hotel – Melbourne // Tickets



xx Cher

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