Methyl Ethel slays Boot & Saddle & we already want to see them again



Methyl Ethel played Philly and left us wanting more!


Methyl Ethel put on an absolutely dazzling show at Boot & Saddle promoting the bands third album, Triage. Triage follows the bands 2017 album Everything Is Forgotten which, at the time, felt as though it received unrivaled reviews. Applauding the groups lyrics and stimulating guitar riffs, the project of Perth’s own Jake Webb went from recording in bedrooms to carving out their own space in the Australian independent music scene. Triage went above and beyond in my opinion, as evidenced by the show at Boot and Saddle that night, bringing fans along for the ride.


There was a presence that night that sparked a peculiar mood in me. As avid concert goers can relate, there’s always a distinction between recorded albums and hearing live versions of songs. I had the expectation that I would witness the growth this band has seen with the recent release of Triage. What I came to reflect on after the set was the feverish draw I had to the entire performance. A dream-like state, feeling both seized by moments and grounded all at once.  


Each song of the nine-track album makes a statement. Webb’s vocals and compelling lyrics captivated folks who inevitably found themselves dancing the entire night. Even with more subtle songs like “All The Elements,” couples embraced and just about everyone swayed in a harmonic unison to the bands energy.


The entire set was stellar. With songs like “Scream Whole” and “Real Tight,” the bass lines and very deliberate use of the piano felt so 80s pop-rock it tickled. My personal favorite tune of the night was hearing “Trip the Mains.” The guitar synths were electrifying, the piano riffs hypnotizing, and had me feeling like I was back in the disco era. Even the video gives off a similar retro vibe. Take a listen for yourself.



You heard it here first. Methyl Ethel is transcending the psyche-pop scene.  Though if you are a Methyl Ethel fan, you seemingly already knew that. We can’t wait to hear what comes next!


xx Meg


Photos and review by our girl Meg Bucci:


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