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WCW: Our Obsession with Maggie Rogers

4 Jan

Maggie Rogers is the first of our WCW series we will continue throughout the year celebrating our favorite women in music. Read more about this brilliant artist and listen to her music below!

You probably found out about the musical songbird/goddess Maggie Rogers by seeing this video which went viral:

During a Masterclass with Pharrell at NYU, Rogers introduced her track and told the class that “It’s good for now, it would probably need a couple more hours of mixing and mastering”. Not soon after the track started playing her song blew the mind of Pharrell and everyone else watching in cyberspace. The song played was her track now named “Alaska” and after listening to the finished track 10,000 more times, I am still neither sick of it or any less moved than I was when I first heard it.

Following the brilliance of “Alaska” Maggie Rogers released equally beautiful “Dog Years” a stunning, storytelling love song with effortless vocals and harmonies we can’t get enough of (or out of our heads). If anyone had a great 2016 it was truly Rogers (and in my opinion so did we for getting to hear her music). With her upcoming tour and more new music on it’s way it seems that 2017 will only get better for us all.

Maggie Rogers announced a massive tour from January through April hitting many cities in the US and Europe including a sold-out show in Philadelphia at the Foundry on April 7th. For a full list of tour dates, tickets and more information visit her website here.

Listen to a new demo Maggie Rogers released below and get your tickets for her upcoming tour now!

On December 31st, Maggie Rogers posted her thoughts on this past year and her hopes and dreams for this year, which I know she will achieve. Read below and follow Maggie on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up with what will be an incredible year for this brilliant artist.

 xx Cher

late night listen: Tropic of Cancer “I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over”

16 Dec

We are addicted to “I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over” by Tropic of Cancer. Listen below!

There’s nothing more special than when you hear a song and immediately want to hear it again…a hundred more times. This happened to me when I first heard Tropic of Cancer‘s “I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over”. The seven minute long track is so soundtrack-worthy it makes me want to write a short film for it. The more I listen to it, I just might! Listen to the chill AF track below and meet me at Sundance.


For up to date new music and tour dates from Tropic of Cancer click here!

xx Cher

Watch: Childish Gambino performs “Redbone” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!!!

15 Dec



Childish Gambino brings his song “Redbone” to the Jimmy Fallon stage and knocks us all into another dimension.

Good goddess what’s more glorious than Childish Gambino’s new album Awaken, My Love!?

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 4.06.43 PM.png

Him performing “Redbone” from the album on Jimmy Fallon wearing only shiny silver pants. Donald Glover performs the track with knee-weakening intensity as he bends and twists his vocals on the raw, funky AF track. Glover proves that one of my favorite tracks on the album most certainly can be brought to life live and taken to another whole dimension, of soul, funk and R&B. The raw intensity the performance brought the audience of The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon would make Prince proud as a purple glow lit Glover as his vocals reached glass-shattering heights fueled by passion and undeniable talent.

If you didn’t already know Childish Gambino’s Donald Glover and his intense array of talents, he is having quite a great year. With a baby on the way, Glover saw the launch of his acclaimed new show (and one of my favorites from this year) Atlanta, which he created, writes, acts in and directs. Writing this album when he wasn’t working on the show, Glover created such an epic and glorious piece of music, it’s unbelievable how much creative magic can come out of one human being. Lucky for us, his gifts of the album and show have made a dark year a lot brighter. Now after this performance, let’s hope 2017 bring a new Childish Gambino tour that will knock us into another realm.



xx Cher

Philly show NOT to be missed: Sharkmuffin, Fruit & Flowers and Red Queen Lilith at The Barbary tomorrow!

14 Dec

Don’t miss this epic show at The Barbary tomorrow night!

Tomorrow, December 15th, Philadelphia will be electrified by three female-fronted bands that will kick your weekend off early and into high gear on a Thursday night at The Barbary. Those bands are Sharkmuffin (NY), Fruit & Flowers (NY) and Red Queen Lilith (Philly).

The show, hosted by RiotNerd kicks off promptly at 8PM so get there early to get a spot up front to get up close and sweaty with all three bands. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door so get yours now here! Listen to our favorite tracks from each band below and get ready for your rock-fueled dance workout tomorrow night at The Barbary.







xx Cher

Cher and Cora’s Ultimate Playlist

12 Dec

The most-listened to tracks of two best friends living on opposite coasts.

When I first met my best friend Cora, we were talking about music. Since then, we’ve made so many memories going to shows, festivals in different countries and states, and making soundtracks for road trips we’ve taken. So when Spotify notified me that they made a playlist of our top listened to songs of 2016, I had to share. This 6+ hour long playlist features songs I’ve listened to a million times, she listened to a million times, and we listened to together on repeat. The playlist is reeling with musical memories for me-from the time we played The Smiths’ “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” on repeat while driving around L.A.,  to the time Cora discovered Dilly Dally after we saw them at The Great Escape in Brighton (I already loved them). Check out the varied playlist below, featuring some of our favorite artists including Otis Reading, Kurt Vile, Holy Sons, Childish Gambino, Tears for Fears and so many more. Seriously, so many…it is 6+ hours of music.




xx Cher

A Very Philly New Year’s Eve: Kurt Vile and the Violators at The Fillmore

9 Dec

Let Kurt Vile serenade you into 2017 this New Year’s Eve at The Fillmore!

Kurt Vile, Jello Man, Philadelphia Eagles’ Connor Barwin, some rouge trash cans and stuffed animals all want you to celebrate your New Year’s Eve at The Fillmore.

Hometown heroes Kurt Vile and the Violators will be ringing in the new year with your favorite tracks including those off his latest album, and one of our favorites, b’lieve i’m going down. The all-ages show starts at 8PM with Nathan Bowles and Woods kicking off the show. Tickets are available now here and at the box office! Get your tickets now, and ring in the new year with Jello shots and one of your favorite bands.




For everything including tickets and tour information like Kurt Vile on Facebook here!


xx Cher

Happy (belated) Birthday Louise Post!!! Why we will never stop loving Veruca Salt

8 Dec

We still can’t get enough Veruca Salt! Happy Birthday Louise Post!


Veruca Salt is a band I still want to be in. Today we are honoring the quintessential 90s band and their co-creator, vocalist and guitarist Louise Post, whose birthday was yesterday, Wednesday December 7th… which is fitting as she will forever be our #wcw.

Here is our Veruca Salt appreciation post, for fans let’s all listen to more Veruca Salt, and for new fans I can’t wait for you to discover or re-discover this incredible band.


In the early 90s, Veruca Salt slayed their way out of the Chicago indie rock scene to bring us some of our favorite songs of all time including “Seether” from their iconic, electrifying debut album American Thighs (best name ever), and “Volcano Girls” from 1997’s Eight Arms to Hold You. The music that Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt gifted us throughout the years will never get old and is still my go to for every occasion, including karaoke when I can pretend I’m finally in the band. Listen to some of our favorite tracks, live performances, and interviews below!

Start binging everything Veruca Salt now and be the first to know about any new music or tour information by following them on Facebook here!



xx Cher

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