Currently Spinning: The Unlikely Candidates “Gemini”

Big Donna Summer disco vibes and a fat bass line kick off The Unlikely Candidates latest single, “Gemini” and keep it bumping and pumping the entire three and a half minutes. TUC frontman Kyle Morris sings the song in a dreamy falsetto-y tone that—unless you’re familiar with the band—might not inherently recognize as The Unlikely Candidates. It’s a different direction for the band, but […]

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The Best Parts

I love a plot twist. I love a difficult journey with a happy ending. I love the story of the underdog. I love when the quiet, enigmatic person in the corner surprises you. I love when struggle turns into success. And I especially love when a song creeps up on you and hits you in […]

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Songs For New Beginnings

It goes without saying that 2020 was difficult for many reasons. There was so much loss and grief surrounding us on a daily basis. It was suffocating and debilitating at times. I lost my job on my 30th birthday around March 18th, 2020 and experienced the entire pandemic unemployed. As a result, I suffered from […]

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Currently Spinning: Night Bloom’s new album ‘Moment to Dawn’

Philly’s Night Bloom just released their fourth album Moment to Dawn, a collection of ten songs that feel like breeze of bliss and relaxation with J Termini‘s atmospheric beats paired with Pat Schlitzer‘s story-telling lyrics. The perfect pairing for makes for an epic new album, following Night Bloom‘s Ecliptic (2020), Bliss You (2019), and 2018’s […]

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