lovelovelove: Luther Russell’s “The Invisible Audience” album and Luke Temple’s “Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care”

This post has been long overdue as I tried to write it last weekend, but this week was filled with amazing concerts and I’ve been super busy because of it so forgive me.

Last weekend I was invited to go to D.C. by my best friend/cousin’s boyfriend. He thought it would be great if I went to surprise her since we don’t get to see each other nearly enough and it was a holiday weekend. As much as I wanted to go, at first I didn’t think I could, but he kept insisting and I realized that he had something special planned for her- he was going to propose, and had invited me to be there in the celebration. I was so stoked and honored that he invited me. Next thing I knew the work week was over and I was on a bus to DC. I had forgotten my Ipod (epic fail) but I brought my computer with big plans to hook you all up with new and amazing music. Unfortunately, the bus I was taking (Megabus) thought it would be cool to block virtually every music listening site including YouTube (what?!) and SoundCloud…rude, just rude. So it took me virtually three hours to do one post. The weekend was amazing: my cousin said yes and we had such a great celebration after which included lots and lots of wine (perfect) and view of the entire city from rooftops. Laura (my cousin/best friend) and I went around on Monday and did all the touristy things I ever wanted to do in D.C. which included going to the Vietnam War Memorial, WWII Memorial, and the Museum of the Holocaust.

Needless to say it was a very moving day/weekend in general. Even though we ended up leaving the museum and getting poured on as we walked to the car, and by poured on I mean it was literally movie-style pouring rain. Those movies you watch and you remember it’s a movie because you think “Wow it’s raining so hard in this movie, that is SO fake”, from now on I will watch movies like that and be like yep, pretty much, where is my Paul Varjak?

After getting back to her now fiance’s apartment, I got everything together and headed back on the bus home. It became dark immediately and I attempted again to blog. Of course, this time on Megabus the internet wasn’t working at all (cool). So I opened up my Itunes and let it choose an album for me. Luckily for me it chose Luke Temple’s “Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care” first. There is nothing better than rediscovering music in this way, music you’ve had and then it just pops up out of now where and goes perfectly with you life at that moment. It really is your life in sound. The album is so beautiful and flows so well, modern music with the perfect amount of Vintage feel. Perfect music for those who are living today but feel like they should have been in another time. This album just transports you to all of those different time periods, the 60s, then the 50s, etc. with each song. As I was there, in the bus starting my 3 hour journey back to Philly with my head on the window watching the rain and the scenery pass as the night approached faster and faster, I contemplated on how moving and perfect the whole weekend was. I also thought about how happy and thankful I was that I listened to “Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care” as the soundtrack of the start of my journey back. Then when I heard the second to last song “You Belong To Heaven” I couldn’t help but smile thinking about how perfect that song was for my best friend/cousin and her amazing fiance and the journey they are about to start together.

After the album ended, I made another brilliant decision to listen to Luther Russell’s “The Invisible Audience” album, 1.2 hours of perfect journey/roadtrip music. The album starts with two minutes and thirty seconds of a beautiful instrumental that seems like it’s made for a heart melting Pixar film. Then it slams you with perfect and hearty rock n’ roll with the track “Sidekick Reverb”:

The third track “Better Off Dead” is incredible and made me think about how this was turning out to be a perfect soundtrack for the rest of the ride back (Garden State soundtrack perfect).

This double length album is brilliantly written and has the perfect mixture of slower songs and songs that straight up rock. It was the perfect traveling album for me and I highly recommend it for your daily and roadtrip soundtracks.

Right click (and save as) here to download Luther Russell’s “Ain’t Frightening Me” song. Luther Russell is not only a brilliant musician and writer but he has also produced some of my favorite artists albums including: Noah & The Whale, Laura Marling, and Sean Lennon.

You can purchase Luther Russell’s incredible double length LP “The Invisible Audience” here on vinyl or here from Itunes.

Click here (and save as) to download Luke Temple’s “How Could I Lie”. Buy his record through Itunes here.

Check out his video for “More than Muscle”:

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