lovelovelove: 1,2,3 release Dreamland Pt. 1 (For Daisy) FREE EP!

1,2,3 are an incredible duo from Pittsburgh, PA who had an extremely successful 2011, and rightfully so! They released their epic debut LP New Heaven which I can’t get enough of. This year, I expect only the best things for this band. They are truly talented and passionate, with the music they make and their live performances. In true dreamboat fashion, Nic Snyder wrote, recorded, and produced an EP for his baby niece Daisy and only intended for her, his family and friends to hear it. But after getting super involved in the production of the EP, and after collaborating on it with his bandmates, they suggested he release it to the world. Lucky for us, he did. Snyder states of the EP, “Its aim is slumber–especially on its second half–so if you are remotely drowsy I wouldn’t suggest driving around jamming on it. It mostly flows together, as well, so I recommend completely downloading it and transferring it to your iTunes before listening.” This is such a special treat from the band. Download it now for free here! If you don’t have it already, make sure you buy their record New Heaven, and make sure you see them live!

Check out “Work” from 1,2,3’s New Heaven:

January Live Dates:
01/07 – Brillobox – Pittsburgh, PA
01/14 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL w/ GROUPLOVE
01/15 – MOTR – Cincinnati, OH w/ Pet Lions


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