obsessed xx: Friends in the US and around the world, help stop SOPA & PIPA and save the internet and music!!!

Hey all,
I am writing a very important message from the bottom of my heart. The U.S. government has gone a little crazy again apparently, and wrote a bill to basically censor everything we love on the internet. That means for Americans there will be no more youtube, images, blog sites, google, wikipedia, reddit, you name it. Websites you go to everyday, that spark creativity and education (including musical education) gone! A sample post from me after this bill passed would be this:

[No photo of the band]
First Aid Kit consists of two gorgeous sisters from Stockholm, Sweden who make absolutely beautiful music together. “Emmylou” is the second single from their new album, The Lion’s Roar comes out next Tuesday, January 24th. “Emmylou” is such an incredible song. Good luck trying to hear or find it, because it is not posted anywhere on our internet, because it’s censored.

Obviously, that is no fun, for anyone. Make sure your favorite bands and sites to find new incredible music are not blocked! Click here to sign a petition today. If you live outside the US please, for the love of all that is good, help us, also by clicking here.

Thank you so, so much in advance and as always for reading.

Love you forever,


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