if you’re not affected you’re not paying attention: Stop KONY

I was very stoked to see that not only my friends but some of my favorite bands, artists, and musicians were sharing a link to Invisible Children‘s video on Joseph Kony, a man who has been getting away with the most heinous crimes to humanity for far too long. I highly respect any of my favorite bands and musicians who stick up for what they believe in and use their platform to tell their fans about important issues and what they can do about them. When watching this video, you should not only take in the facts, but realize that watching is video is merely scratching the surface. Dive into the issues, and continue to research, through only the most trustworthy sources about what is happening. You should also take away from the video the importance of not only supporting important non-profits like Invisible Children through monetary means you might not have, but instead how much of an impact you can make just by using your voice, the voice you do have, by telling your friends about what is going on, what they can do, and what you can do together. I think people forget that those in the government work for US. WE elect them, if we want something we need to tell them, and if enough of us do, they will have to work on it, because if not they can lose their job and not get reelected. It takes a few seconds to sign an online petition, and only a few minutes to make a phone call or write a letter to a local, state, or national representative. As someone who has signed and collected many petitions, writes letters and volunteers, I can tell you that it does work. The more you actively try to change the world, and inspire others to do the same, the more likely the world will become a better place. There is strength in numbers and if your fire and courage inspires just one other person to take action too, you’ve already made a big difference. I do not condone killing in any way shape or form, no matter how awful a person is. I feel making an example of someone by putting them in prison for life is a far more powerful message to the person, and the world, that we as one society will not let anyone commit such terrible crimes against humanity and get away with it. It’s been long enough, take action, and please look into other non-profits aiding those who need it, especially Oxfam America, they do so much good work for so many people.


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