Philly show NOT to be missed xx: Streetwalkers, 1,2,3 and Howler at Kung Fu Necktie TONIGHT!!!

March and April have been two crazy months for me, I’ve been going to shows most nights a week, this week Tues-Friday, not that I’m complaining. The amount of incredible bands coming through Philly right now is more than a girl can dream of. I’ll sleep when I’m dead? Yes, until then I am dancing the night away to some of my favorite bands. Tonight being no exception as one of my favorite Philly bands, Streetwalkers, is playing with the Pittsburgh dream team known as 1,2,3 and those lovely boys from Howler. I saw 1,2,3 play Kung Fu Necktie last summer and they totally killed it. Their music is amazing and they are even better live. They are the type of band that totally lives and breathes making music and you can tell through everything they do, every song, every album, every show. I just saw Howler play at SXSW and they completely rock. Their energy on stage is so contagious. After releasing their newest album America, Give Up Howler is wasting no time touring the US and in May working their way over to the UK to play a bunch of shows and festivals including T in the Park and Latitude Festival. Needless to say, it’s time to catch these boys live while you can, especially in such a small and awesome venue in Philly. The show starts at 7:30 tonight at Kung Fu Necktie so make sure you get there on time and don’t miss any of the incredible bands playing. Tickets are $12 and you can purchase them here (if you don’t already have tickets and want to go to the show, I would buy now incase they sell out before tonight). Hope to see you there!


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