Sweet Spirit You Are Rock And Roll

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Sweet Spirit you are rock and roll.

XPN Festival alum, Sweet Spirit graced Philadelphia with their presence again at World Café Live this past Thursday. If you happened to catch the band at XPN Fest in July, you already know this group can put on a show.

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Packed with energy that is infectious and accompanied by the edgy and sharp dancing
by front woman Sabrina Ellis, the mojo of this band is not one to be reckoned with.
Sweet Spirit is at the top of my list of glam rock pioneers.

The show opened up with “The Power”, a single off of the bands sophomore album, St. Mojo. The song opens up with grungy guitar riffs and percussions that getting your blood pumping. Add the quirky lyrics and Sabrina’s vocals, the next thing you know you’re pounding the floor in a triumphant victory. Over what? That’s you’re choosing. The song just helps you get there. Check out the video and see for yourself.

If Sweet Spirit isn’t on your radar yet check out a few other songs off of their album, St.

“Pamela” – commence rocking out.

“The Mighty” – this tune is fantastic. Another perspective from the band whose sound in
this song certainly seems influenced by Queen.


A friend of mine who came to the show with me summed the set up pretty nicely. “You
know a band is rock and roll when they slide their very expensive instruments across the stage after nailing the last song and then bounce.” If Sweet Spirit is touring through a
city near you, get your tickets now!

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xx Meghan

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