Final Cut: BTS of Soraia’s thriller-style video for ‘Tight-Lipped’

When Soraia released their hard-hitting new single ‘Tight-Lipped’ I couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat, and I’m not the only one! Since it’s release ‘Tight-Lipped’ has been climbing the Billboard charts, the powerful, anthemic new track was soon followed by a music video that took my (and Shannon’s) breath away. See for yourself:

We reached out to ZouZou, the powerhouse leader of Soraia and Sam Shapson, the director of the new music video for ‘Tight-Lipped’ to get the behind the scenes scoop on the making of and concept behind the video, get the scoop by listening to our podcast now:

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Director Sam Shapson on the set of ‘Tight-Lipped’

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