obsessed xx: Friendly Fires release music video for “Hawaiian Air”

Anyone who is afraid of flying, and everyone else with a pulse will LOVE this video.

If you frequent this blog, you will know my undying of love for the trio of perfection that is Friendly Fires. To date, they have not released a song that I was not obsessed with. Like their incredible music, Friendly Fires have only released interesting and fun music videos. As a music fan, it means so much to me when bands pay that much attention to detail and pour their creativity into everything they do: not just stopping at the music, instead crafting stunning music videos and bringing that energy and passion to their live shows.
As for their new record “Pala”, I have listened to it on repeat for hours (multiple times) and never felt the need to skip a song.
Enjoy their music video for “Hawaiian Air” and make sure to buy their record here, and definitely check them out on their current tour. As for me, I am passionately hoping they show Philly some love soon so I may see them live (hint hint)!


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