obsessed xx: Little Comets annouce new EP and release incredible new track “Worry”!!

OH HAPPY DAY!! One of my favorite bands, Little Comets, are already releasing a new EP after they dropped the incredible “In Search of the Elusive Little Comets” album mere months ago. The EP is called “Worry” and so is the title track which they just released. The new track sounds epic and I am so stoked for the new album. I loved every single song off of their first album; they are one of those bands that I made all of my friends listen to and now they are almost (if not just) as obsessed with them as I am. Little Comets are also amazing live so if you get a chance check them out and I will obviously keep you updated on any tour or new release information as I hear it. Until they release the new track on the web (or someone records it off the radio, haha) enjoy the track live as they played it a couple nights ago.

If you missed my previous posts about Little Comets I am also throwing in two of my favorite songs and music videos of all time, both by them. Enjoy!!


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