it’s always darkest before the dawn. obsessed xx: Florence + The Machine “Ceremonials” out now!!!

Florence and the Machine have blown up since their 2009 release of “Lungs”. they not only gained well deserved recognition in their home country, they also took MTV and America by storm. After much anticipation, Florence + The Machine released their follow up to that album this week. The album is called “Ceremonials” and it is sixteen tracks and one glorious hour of music. This album has proved from start to finish that Florence + The Machine are a progressive band that are not afraid to take chances and redefine the expectations of the quality of music they release. Florence Welch has proven to be a brilliant, inspiring, and powerful woman in music. All the music she creates is epic but truthful. You can tell it comes from her heart and soul, not the want to sell out stadiums. But the world has already seen and recognized this passion, and with the release of this record, I am positive when they tour they will continue to sell out large venues as they deserve. The record is filled with gorgeous harmonies and dynamic sound. I urge you to buy this album, your ears will thank you. Check out some of my favorite tracks from the album:

The glorious first track, “Only If For A Night”:

The beautiful track “No Light, No Light” Performed Live on Later with Jools Holland:

This song “Spectrum” is the sound of love:

The new music video for the first single from the album “Shake it Out”


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