obsessed xx: The Early November announce new album tonight!!!

At the end of their reunion show tonight at Starland Ballroom in NJ, Ace Enders lead singer of The Early November asked everyone to turn on their phones and record their next announcement. Playing to hundreds of screaming and devoted fans tonight, so stoked that one of their favorite bands have reunited after 5 long years, the boys of The Early November have officially announced they will be writing and recording a new album for us. With all the energy and brilliance of the show there couldn’t have been any better way to end it. For me, and most other fans The Early November have been a staple to the soundtrack of my youth. I listened to them during the best of times and worst of times, and went to every concert in the Philadelphia area for 5 years and was devastated when they broke up. They are one of the best groups of musicians and nicest guys. Seeing them live is magical for the energy they give off to their fans and the electricity they have playing with each other. You can see how much fun they have together as friends and band mates, and it is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to hear how their experiences from the past five years will influence their songwriting. I am absolutely positive new album will be brilliant and will keep you posted with any more updates as soon as I hear them!


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