band i wanna date / new music video xx: The Vaccines “Tiger Blood”

Sigh. I feel like I say it every time, but I adore the boys of The Vaccines. I had the opportunity to meet them in NY and in Philly and they are seriously the sweetest. I was able to see them live three times this year in the US and they completely rock. I love their fun, youthful and perfectly cheeky songs and I am so stoked for the upcoming album that this gem, “Tiger Blood” is on. If you can, check out The Vaccines live. I feel like they are always touring, even when a band member is extremely ill and they probably shouldn’t be (*cough* lead singer Justin Young *cough*). Why? Because they love and are extremely passionate about what they do (as all musicians should be), and you can see it in their music, music videos, live performances, and encounters with their fans. When it comes to The Vaccines, what’s not to love? Date me, all of you.

Check out my photos of The Vaccines at SXSW here.


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