lovelovelove: Yuck’s dreamy Daniel Blumberg gets dreamier: releases limited edition book of drawings

As if he couldn’t get any dreamier, Daniel Blumberg from Yuck turns out to be a Renaissance man! Besides being an incredible musician, Daniel Blumberg also is the artist behind the album art we know and love for the band. Fat Possum has collected all of Blumberg’s drawings during the recording of their debut album and they are releasing his art in a 44 page bound book.There will only be 1000 printed, and the book will be offered in different packages including: Book $20, Book and three b-side 45’s: $30, Book with three b-side 45’s and deluxe Yuck double 12″ album and Yuck tote bag $40. You can purchase them here. We all know music and art seem to go hand and hand, but there is nothing better than when musicians we know and love show their other passions and talents and are willing to share them with us. Just in time for holiday season, this makes a great gift for any music and art fan, let alone any Yuck fan!

Yuck January/February Tour:
28 // BRISBANE, Australia Laneway Festival
30 // AUCKLAND, New Zealand Laneway Festival
04 // MELBOURNE, Australia Laneway Festival
05 // SYDNEY, Australia Laneway Festival
10 // ADELAIDE, Australia Laneway Festival
11 // PERTH, Australia Laneway Festival
12 // SINGAPORE, Laneway Festival


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