obsessed xx: Au Palais “Tender Mercy”

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! As a girl of simple pleasures, I was ecstatic to receive my annual Audrey Hepburn Calendar, Gustav Klimt Planner, favorite perfume, and chia pet herb garden (no joke, it’s so rad). But some of my top favorite gifts I received were the book “Le Freak” by Nile Rodgers (song writer extraordinaire to say the absolute least), a gift certificate to buy more amazing books, and my incredible sister gave me money towards buying a plane ticket to SXSW because she is the greatest person I have ever known. SXSW is my heaven, I want to go every year, but with the amount of money I owe in student loans, pretty much everything I make goes to that and rent. But even if it takes a yard sell of all my favorite things I want to go to SXSW every year. Most of my favorite bands play there, let alone my favorite bands that hardly ever get to America. The amount of incredible people I met and friends I made are worth every cent. I’ve dreamed about going back since I left, along with my best friend Jess, and I am saving as much money as I can every time I get paid to make sure it happens. I love my sister so much for her thoughtfulness and generosity, she has always been there for me and she is such an amazing person. I look up to her so much. Being with my family and getting to spend more time with my sister were definitely the best gifts I could have received. I am still at my parents for the day and I am really excited to relax for a bit today. I am writing my next post for Volcom which I am sure will be long because it is going to be about my love for SXSW in full and who I am excited for this coming year. Then I am wondering around the suburbs taking in the gorgeous weather, and of course going to the bookstore with a list of books I’ve been dying to get. Today, enjoy this gorgeous song “Tender Mercy” by brother-sister duo Au Palais. Their EP by the same name Tender Mercy is out now. They are also on one of my favorite named labels “The Sounds of Sweet Nothing” in London. I absolutely love that this is a brother-sister duo. Au Palais’ music is so awesome and I would love to see them live!


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