obsessed xx: Keaton Henson “Charon”

I have a music-crush on Keaton Henson… and an art-crush. This man is the dreamiest of dreams. I first started falling head over heels after hearing “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are”, and I could not wait to hear more from him. Then I heard this gorgeous song, “Charon”, and I can’t put into words how much it moved me to hear it for the first time, and how much it moves me every time I’ve heard it since. The video is so sad, and so beautiful. The video is a perfect reflection of the song which is what you can expect from such a well-rounded and talented artist. Check out the video for “Charon” below and check out the drawing he released on Valentine’s Day. You can find more of his work here. Also, check out the flyer with info on how to see a secret show live streaming this Sunday!


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