obsessed xx: Blood Red Shoes “Cold”

Good goddess I could not be more obsessed with this song! It’s been stuck in my head since I’ve heard it. I absolutely love the back and forth vocals, the perfect balance of raw female vocals from Laura-Mary Carter and male vocals from Steven Ansell, the catchy and tough lyrics, and intense instrumentals. I listen to it getting ready to go out, and it stays in my head when I’m out, I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Cold” absolutely just pumps me up. This is the kind of band I would love to be in. I love that two people can make such epic music, (i.e. my obsession with The Kills, Big Deal, I could go on for days…) and inspires me to want to find a hot talented male counterpart and make my own. Any takers? Their new album In Time To Voices comes out March 26th and you can pre-order it here!


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