obsessed xx: I’m at SXSW!! New music video from The Horrors “Changing The Rain”

Hi all, no I’m not dead but I am in Heaven: Austin Texas for SXSW Music Festival. I’ve been gallivanting around Austin wreaking havoc with my best friend and watching live music all day and night. I am having the best time and documenting it for Volcom Girls blog, Volcomunity. I will let you know as soon as my posts go up. I am writing them daily so you will know exactly what I’ve been up to. In other news, one of my favorite bands not at SXSW, The Horrors, just released their new music video for “Changing The Rain”, a track from their epic album (that if you don’t own by now you, should buy it immediately) Skying. Check out the video below, and follow me at SXSW through twitter, tumblr, and soon Volcomunity!


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