obsessed xx: The Vaccines “Why Should I Love You”

Well, I have a million reasons why I should love The Vaccines. One is definitely this cover of R. Stevie Moore’s “Why Should I Love You”. The cover is releasing this Saturday for Record Store Day and will be available on Limited 7″ from O Genesis Recordings with R. Stevie Moore covering The Vaccines “Post Break-Up Sex”. I absolutely cannot wait for Record Store Day this Saturday. I am going to hit up as many record stores in Philly as possible to show my love and get some sweet limited edition vinyl from my favorite artists. Look into your local participating record stores to see what special vinyl they will have and even live performances from your favorite bands! This Monday I will be treking to NY after work again to see The Vaccines play for the forth (5th?) time since they won’t be stopping in Philly this time around. They are playing at Webster Hall with Porcelain Raft, who just released one of my favorite albums Strange Weekend and is incredible live. The show starts at 7pm. Tickets are $20 you can purchase yours here. Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “obsessed xx: The Vaccines “Why Should I Love You”

  1. ahh cool, yay for record store day! My town only has one store participating, but lucky you getting to explore the shops in Philly!

    1. Yes! Definitely hit up that one record store, it’s great they are participating 🙂 I am really lucky to have so many in Philly, one even has live music all day, I can’t wait! xx

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