obsessed xx: Jack White “Sixteen Saltines”

I have a confession to make. I have a serious, major, borderline insane music crush on Jack White. Let’s face it, he’s a genius. The White Stripes, fucking awesome…The Raconteurs? Yes, please…The Dead Weather, don’t mind if I do. Basically everything the man touches is gold. I recently heard an interview with him and how he got started and I couldn’t love him more. An absolutely incredible and nice person who also happens to make music I couldn’t enjoy more? There is nothing better. I heard some tracks off of his new album Blunderbuss before it comes out tomorrow. As expected I found myself loving them and dying to hear more. When I walked into my favorite record store Saturday for record store day, I was so stoked to see that they got the album in a few days early. Naturally, I bought it right away. When I got home I couldn’t help but listen to it, and dance to it, only stopping to flip the record over and play it again. “Sixteen Saltines” off the new record is my absolute JAM. I love this song so much. It’s how I like Jack White best: raw, rough, and powerful vocals, guitar, and lyrics. He is such an inspiration to me especially for writing music. He crafts everything so perfectly, each instrumental, the lyrics, the vocals, everything is brilliant. This obviously is the same for the album as a whole. Completely remarkable and perfect in every way. It’s only April, but I am pretty sure this is going to be my album of the year. This record, for me, is going to be extremely hard to beat. Pure rock ‘n’ roll perfection. This video is absolutely sick, and crazy. I love how creative and thorough Jack White is with his music, even the music video is an artistic inspiration. I would love to meet him someday (here’s hoping!). Until then, I’m just going to listen to his music on repeat and continue to be inspired.


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  1. I had tickets to see him in London this evening, but was forced to stay at home. Very unhappy about it too.

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