lovelovelove: and Death Cab For Cutie tonight!!!

I am so excited for tonight! I am going to see one of my longtime favorite bands, Death Cab For Cutie, at Tower Theatre in Philly and I am volunteering at the show with! I’ve been volunteering with the Philadelphia HeadCount Chapter for a couple years now and I love it. HeadCount is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that gets music fans to register to vote at concerts. I can’t describe how amazing the feeling is to know that you helped someone to register to vote. I am so proud that we have the opportunity to choose who we want to represent us as a country and help us to solve issues our country is having. In my opinion, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain! Voting is easy and although who you vote for might not always be the person chosen, it’s important to remember that you still have the right to petition, write to, call, and even visit those in office to tell them your concerns. I think we forget sometimes that those in the government work for US. We elect them which means we gave them their jobs. We also can take their jobs away by not re-electing them… so that puts pressure on them to listen to our voiced concerns and attempt to do something about it. Since HeadCount is not affiliated with any party or members of the government, they don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote. They also give you the resources online to make an educated decision based on your ideas and beliefs, which I find extremely beautiful and helpful. HeadCount is also a great organization because they give you the opportunity to volunteer and get people to register to vote while attending your favorite bands shows. Through this I’ve had such great opportunities and memories, the best was when I drove up to Saratoga Springs, NY, got people to register to vote and wept as I saw two of my favorite bands of all time live: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I never thought I would get a chance to see them live, let alone together and it was such a moving and incredible experience. My other favorite would have to be volunteering at the Jay-Z Kanye West Watch The Throne tour, which was one of the best shows I’ve attended in my life. HeadCount is present for a ton of artists concerts of bands that support them as well as festivals! If you want to sign up to volunteer with your local HeadCount or check out the shows coming up click here and sign up to have a log in. After you log in, you can search shows by cities and even states to see who is coming to your town and request to volunteer. Then your local HeadCount lead will contact and give you more information about the show! We are so lucky to have a right to vote, and I love being able to volunteer, help people register, and enjoy incredible concerts. It’s also great way to meet other fans and make new friends! Check out a list of bands and festivals that have volunteer opportunities through HeadCount below, and of course check out some of the songs that are getting me ready and excited for the Death Cab For Cutie show tonight!!


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