obsessed xx: Arctic Monkeys “Electricity”

I’m crying my eyes out. Usually when in reference to Arctic Monkeys those tears are of joy, but these tears are deeply sad. Why? Because when I went running around on Record Store Day trying to find exclusively released music by my favorite bands every record store I went to only had one or two copies of Arctic Monkeys 7″ single “R U Mine?”, and each one of them told me that someone had “just bought” the last one. I never found it, and not only do I have that gaping hole in my beloved Arctic Monkeys 7″ collection, but I also have that same hole in my heart after hearing the incredible b-side track they released on that 7″ called “Electricity”. The track is absolutely brilliant, guitar heavy, with the brooding and knee-weakening vocals of Alex Turner (who I like to pretend will be my future husband someday). Suck It And See is definitely one of my favorite albums, and I feel lucky that the band is giving us such epic b-sides on their singles. I just wish I was able to get this one!


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