obsessed xx: Jack White “Freedom at 21”

As you may already know, my first purchase of Record Store Day 2012 was Jack White’s new/debut solo record Blunderbuss and I could not have picked a better first purchase. I haven’t stopped listening to the record since I got my hands on it. I put it on my Itunes for when at work, burned a cd for when driving in my car, and have the record in my room so no matter where I am I can listen to it in all its glory. I’m not the only one, the record has been #1 basically everywhere and rightfully so. When I first got it, I was taken by the song “Sixteen Saltines” it was my favorite and my best friend and I would put it on repeat at least 3 times a day. But when I stopped hitting that repeat button I realized… “shit, I really like this song too…”. The next song, “Freedom at 21” soon became another favorite; then I realized “wait, but I’m also obsessed with the track after, “Love Interruption”. Next thing I knew, I was saying this for every song on the album. The underlying truth is I truly do cherish every single song on this album. Blunderbuss is an absolute must have for your record collection. Just for you, I will probably (eventually) just post every song on the album before it releases on the radio to prove why.


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