gig photos xx: M83 at Union Transfer last night!!!

Philly loves M83, and rightfully so. Their new album, Hurry up, We’re Dreaming is as dreamy as it sounds. The M83 show at Union Transfer last night sold out months ago when they went on sale…within 7 minutes. I couldn’t wait to see them live for the first time with my roommate who got a head start by seeing them at Coachella and some of our other friends. Everyone started freaking out as the alien from the album cover showed up on stage setting the scene before the band came on. They didn’t waste any time, blasting into songs from the new album and previous albums fit for a perfect night of dancing. On stage, neon lights showered the crowd and tiny lights resembling stars illuminating behind the band. Just as I expected M83 were incredible live, they give off a contagious energy when playing and you can tell they are loving every minute of it. Without playing every song they ever wrote, I was so happy to hear most of my favorite tracks. Of course, everyone went bananas when they started playing their radio hit “Midnight City” which involved an intense saxophone solo by a brilliant player who literally ran on stage to play the solo and then left. I couldn’t have asked for a better Friday night, seeing one of my favorite bands, dancing with my best friends, just enjoying the brilliance that is M83 live. If you missed the show last night, don’t fret! They are coming back to Philly to play the Electric Factory on Wednesday August 1st, and you can buy tickets here! Check out photos below and more on my gig photos page here.

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