obsessed xx: New Jack White music video for “I’m Shakin'”

No Jack, you’ve got me shakin’!! What’s better than one Jack White? Two.

Dreams come true in this new music video for his track “I’m Shakin'” off his brilliant record, Blunderbuss, which if you don’t own yet, what’s wrong with you? Buy it at your local record store now! After seeing him for the second time this summer this past weekend at Virgin Mobile Free Fest, (stop reading here if your name is Orlando Higginbotom) my heart is exploding with the want to marry the man (or at least join his lady band as seen in this video).

On Saturday, I got to see this gorgeous band of girls perform with him, and the electricity in the room could have lit the whole East Coast. Those chicks are fierce and totally rock, as one could only expect to support the brilliance that is Jack White. I absolutely recommend seeing him live, the show is brilliant whether you see him with the band of girls, or guys, as you can see in this video.

xx Cheryl

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