Philly show NOT to be missed xx: The Helio Sequence, Hooray For Earth, and Ramona Falls at Underground Arts TONIGHT!!!!

This week for me has been nothing short of insane. Non-stop working, running from place to place, very little time to rest. This weekend was greeted by one of my best friends from home coming over Friday night. We were going to wreak our original havoc of drinking too much vodka and energy drinks, dancing/sweating the night away, but we both looked each other in the eye and said “mmm NOPE.” Instead of our usual Friday night dance party we made a fort with all my couches and futon, 12 blankets and 15 pillows, ate ourselves into a food-coma, and watched Love Actually, our favorite movie ever.

I woke up early and got one of my greatest workouts attending my work’s sample sale. I am pretty sure I got winter clothes for a lifetime and all my holiday gifts in one go. After, my best friend and I went to our favorite restaurant for brunch and drank one too many pitchers of mimosa and sang our favorite Hall & Oates tunes like it was free for all karaoke hour(s)…it wasn’t.

Tonight I am so stoked to make up for my lack of dance this weekend by getting my groove on to The Helio Sequence, Hooray For Earth and Ramona Falls at Underground Arts at 9PM tonight! I’ve loved Hooray For Earth for quite some time now (their song “No Love” is my JAM). Their music is the perfect blend of indie and dance that I yearn for. With brilliant instrumentals and harmonizing, anthemic, vocals, their music is impossible not to dance to. I can’t wait to see them live tonight! Check out Never/Figure out now!

xx Cher

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