obsessed xx: Theme Park “Tonight”

Theme Park

I’ve been loving every song I’ve heard so far from Theme Park, but this new track “Tonight” is next level. I have to say, I was not surprised to hear that the dreamy, upbeat, catchy, and brilliant new track was produced by one of my favorite hip-shaking frontmen (and pretend future husbands) Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires. The track is perfect for getting you through a long day’s work, getting ready to go out, and even for the dance floor, to shake off the bad weather/bad day blues.

Theme Park’s debut album is available for pre-order now, in signed CD or LP (LP! LP! LP!), so make sure you order your copy ASAP to get it the second it comes out. I have a feeling this might be one of my favorite albums from this year. Yes, it’s only January, and yes, I am still making that call. Like their name, this band is too exciting and fun not to love.

Theme Park are about to go on a headlining tour of the UK in March so make sure you get your tickets (by clicking the photo below) to see them live!!

Theme park tour

xx Cher

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