steph lee

Hi.  I’m Steph.  From here on out I will be dropping some tracks (guest posting) on mylifeinsound for the one and only Cheryl Dunn (is fun).

SO.. A little about me: I like house music.  My audio affair with this genre began last summer in Japan when I was browsing a Gan-Ban record shop – Japanese still love to buy those little, shiny 4.75 inch things once known as CDs – when I came upon an album cover in a rose petal red, a hot chick lying back-arched by the pool.  Enter: Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds, Laidback Sunshine House.  Now come on, with that title can one resist?

What I heard on that compilation mix was summer in a bottle, silky yet hot, lethargic, intoxicating, pure, feel good house.  A year later, I look back on the featured artists and am surprised to find how many of them caught my ear on their own as I dug deeper into the genre.  The White Lamp.  Maya Jane Coles.  The 2 Bears.  Mario Basanov.  Poolside.

Well, that’s the story of my introduction to house music.  For those of you who haven’t yet gotten the chance to explore, perhaps it could be yours too.  Drink up some of my favorites from Poolside Sounds below.

xx Steph

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