Philly Show NOT to be missed xx: Magic Death Sounds presents Jamaican Queens tonight at House of Hayes!!!

Jamaican Queens

The weirdly wonderful boys of Jamaican Queens are playing tonight in Philly at House of Hayes for only $5 before 10pm/$7 after!!! There current single “Kids Get Away” is upbeat and danceable with very dark undertones. Singer/songwriter of the Detroit duo Ryan Spencer drew inspiration for the song from a vicious attack his friend suffered in Detroit:

“I wrote this song to myself as a reminder that I live in a very dangerous place and that I shouldn’t be so naïve. Violence is everywhere, and though I’m more likely to be victimized in Detroit than almost anywhere else, this city also has so much going for it that no other place I’ve ever been does. The possibility of violence is no reason to flee what I feel to be the best place I’ve ever lived. This song is a reminder to myself of that. Be careful, but don’t give in to fear.”

This smart, haunting but upbeat track is something I definitely want to hear them play live tonight. One of my best friends and I are going and I can’t wait to start the weekend off right with another dance party. The show starts at 8PM and also features Philly bands Rexedog, Meghan’s TV, and Charmaine’s Names! Click here for the official Facebook event and see you there!

xx Cher

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