lovelovelove xx: The 1975 at KFN recap / Free show tonight in NYC!!

Cher Dunn 1975 72

Last night was one of the most fun nights of my life. I go to a lot of shows, but this one in particular was special. Bringing 8 of my favorite people and meeting 5 more at the venue, I walked in to a nearly sold out Kung Fu Necktie last night just in time to catch Cruiser open for The 1975. I’ve never seen so many people at KFN for a show, a bit overwhelming at first, I was really fucking excited that one of my favorite bands right now were about to play in front of so many fans in my city. Once Cruiser ended we made our (tricky) moves to find our path straight to the front bit of space between the band and the crowd that awkwardly always seems to be there since people are scared to stand in front of the stage. My friends moved right in ready to dance and that we did, nonstop, for the entire time 1975 was on stage. Playing mostly new songs off their upcoming album, ever new track was a beautiful suprise, getting me so stoked for the new album it kills me I have to wait another day…for them to go back to London to finish recording it (fair). Although I was in my groove I did take a look around and couldn’t help but smile at all the people in the crowd, smiling, dancing, taking pictures like crazy. I am pretty sure everyone there had an incredible time, even the super drunk dude next to me that was falling asleep standing up, as I took liberty to shake him a bit and make him dance. The show ended after a decent time but way too soon for the audience. As they announced their last song sighs of crushed hearts poured out from the crowd, but luckily, they promised they would be back later this summer to play at Johnny Brenda’s on their tour supporting the brilliant band The Neighbourhood. For me, my friends, and all the fans at that show I think it’s safe to say that day can’t come soon enough, and same goes for their debut record.

Tonight The 1975 are playing a free show in New York City at Santos Party House!! For all you lucky kids in NYC this is definitely something you should be doing to start off your night tonight! They go on at 8:30 sharp so make sure you get there ASAP to make sure you get in before the venue is at capacity!



xx Cher

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