obsessed xx: New Jai Paul album leaked on BandCamp… sad for Jai Paul, happy for our ears

Jai Paul

I was so (pleasantly) surprised this weekend to see an album I’ve been waiting for since first hearing “BTSTU” in 2011, available on BandCamp, to download only for £7. £7 seems way too good to be true to download one Jai Paul song let alone 16 unnamed tracks. Jai Paul had me hooked with “BTSTU” and his 2012 release through XL Recordings “Jasmine”. I could barely contain my excitement as I pressed play. Each track was one heart-pounding obsession after another… a dirty, messy, steaming hot pop dream. The record was filled with songs that are absolute heaven for the dance floor, and absolute heaven to my ears.

Turns out this Jai Paul album was leaked, according to Dazed & Confused Owen Myers who tweeted:




And then, the first tweet ever from Jai Paul:
Jai Paul

Hearing this, I am completely gutted for Jai Paul. Apparently, those who bought the album will be refunded (thank God…since we can all assume Jai Paul is not seeing any of that money). Jai Paul promised any new releases will come through XL, so when it’s good and ready..hopefully soon…we will actually be able to support Jai Paul by buying his debut record from him. If sounds anything like this, I am buying it on vinyl…for me and everyone I’ve ever loved. By some miracle you can still listen to the tracks on BandCamp:

xx Cher

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