Philly show NOT to be missed xx: DRAGONETTE at Union Transfer, May 5th. 


DRAGONETTE at Union Transfer, May 5th.  To go or not to go? 

Go, obviously.

I’ll make this easy for you:

  1. Martina Sobara, part stage-twirling vocalist, part Canadian pixie, will have both your hands in the air. 
  2. Common genre tags on Dragonette’s SoundCloud page include, “Dancepop”, “Joy”, “disco suave”, and “Dirrrrrttttyyy”.  Catch their drift?
  3. Philadelphia is the FIRST stop on Dragonette’s tour.  Expect extra umph.
  4. Aussie electro-wizards, The Presets, and LA’s disco groovy duo, Classixx, are the other acts on Sunday night’s bill, making this show an absolute hat trick. 
  5. This song:

Dragonette is a Canadian electro-pop trio driven by heavy-hitting electro rhythms, pulsing beats, and sing-along choruses.  I’ve had a chance to see them live before, and their show is glued to my memory as being fun, loud, indigo, bumping, and with a substantial amount of open mouthed smiling, eyes closed.  Check out Dragonette’s third studio album, Bodyparts, released September 2012.  


Hope to see you there.  Let’s party, yeah?  And don’t be late.  Classixx is too good.



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