lovelovelove xx: Kaki King at World Cafe Live!!

Kaki King by Rick J Belson

Last Sunday the Queen of classical guitar, Kaki King, played World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Sad on a plane leaving Texas, I sent my friend Rick to the show…and he loved it.

This Kaki King show was extra special because she is on tour celebrating the 10th Anniversary of her first album, Everybody Loves You, and performed the album in its entirety. Kaki King started the show alone, picking up her acoustic guitar she began playing the album, with stories about each song in between each breathtaking track. Switching guitars after each song, Kaki King fans were treated to the stories behind each track. Fans who have loved the album for ten years, as well as new fans, were treated to a unique and rewarding experience: being a part of a live storytellers from such a brilliant, award-winning artist. Kaki informed the crowd that her entire family was in attendance, along with her wife and her wife’s family. She said it was the first time their families were meeting!

Kaki King then incorporated tracks from her other albums, such as Legs To Make Us Longer and her new album GLOW. After playing for over an hour, Kaki took a mere 15 minute break before taking the stage once more with her band. She continued to play for another hour, with more selections from Glow, …Until We Felt Red, and her other albums, which included not only her intricate guitar work, but her delicate, mesmerizing vocals. The Philly fans stood in a state of quiet awe the entire show, loving every minute Kaki graced the stage.

Once the show ended, the crowd demanded an encore, which she so graciously obliged by playing an encore on slide guitar. Kaki King then greeted fans and signed her cds and vinyls before heading out to continue her world tour. This May, Kaki King will be playing Portugal, Turkey and Australia. You can find her tour dates here!

Kaki King by Rick J Belson

I was so stoked to have one of my friends experience such an incredible show, and I can’t wait to catch her next time she stops in Philly! Check out her music below and make sure you go to your local record store and pick up a copy of Glow!

xx Cher
Kaki King by Rick J Belson

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