obsessed xx: Tame Impala covers OutKast’s “Prototype”!!

Tame Impala

*Sigh* I think I’m in love again with Tame Impala! Though, to be fair, I never really stopped…

Tame Impala recently went into the studio of an Australian radio station and were asked to do a cover. Naturally, they chose one of their favorite songs, “Prototype” by OutKast (RIP/Please Come Back). Their banter before the song makes my heart even more sad we are not best friends yet and Nick and Kevin’s rendition of Andre 3000 is too good to be true.

Between the spot-on back and forth vocals, dreamy guitars, and baby-making bass line, Tame Impala’s version of “Prototype” makes you weak in the knees and makes you really want to go to the movies. I cannot wait to see this band live again, and to hear more new music from them, cover or not! Make sure you pick up a copy of their new record Lonerism from your local record store or here through their website!


xx Cher

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