lovelovelove: Findlay “Off & On”


I absolutely love this track “Off & On” by Findlay. The song is a perfect, badass mixture of blues and rock ‘n’ roll that will have you singing “he’s gonna teach me how to live” in your head for days.

The music video for the track is a sexy and dark film featuring the gorgeous Natalie Findlay, her band of babes, and some other sweaty, sultry characters. The video reminds me of the hauntingly beautiful yet creepy as hell intro of HBO’s True Blood…so basically, I love it. “Off & On” is available to download now on iTunes here and you can buy the signed 4-track 10″ EP here!

They have some upcoming gigs in the UK including The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, so make sure you follow them on SongKick here!

xx Cher

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