late night listen xx: Close “My Way” feat. Joe Dukie


Listen now to the second official single from Getting Closer by CLOSE, the new project of producer, DJ, and label owner Will Saul. The track features the super hot and soulful vocals of Joe Dukie of Fat Freddies Drop. Saul says of working with Dukie:

“For me Joe Dukie has one of the best voices on the planet so it was a bit of dream come true to get to work with him. I worked with Fink in his studio in Brighton where we recorded his band (drummer and bass player) – the instrumental is all live and one take. We then sent this over to Dallas (Joe Dukie) and he sent back his vocals. Midland and Dusky are part of my core crew at Aus and really hitting their stride at the moment so natural choices for remixers for this single”

“My Way” will be available to purchase with remixes from Dusky, Midland, and Tanner Ross on June 24th, and the album Getter Closer is out now through !K7 Records!


xx Cher

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